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Yet Another Pat Tillman Investigation Reveals Even More.

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on November 9th, 2006 1:25 pm by HL

Startling Findings in Tillman Probe

ABC News
Pat Tillman when he was with the Arizona Cardnials
Pat TillmanNov 9, 2006 (AP)— In a remote and dangerous corner of Afghanistan, under the protective roar of Apache attack helicopters and B-52 bombers, special agents and investigators did their work.
They walked the landscape with surviving witnesses. They found a rock stained with the blood of the victim. They re-enacted the killings here the U.S. Army Rangers swept through the canyon in their Humvee, blasting away; here the doomed man waved his arms, pleading for recognition as a friend, not an enemy.
“Cease fire, friendlies, I am Pat (expletive) Tillman, damn it!” the NFL star shouted, again and again…..

Spc. Steve Elliott, said he was “excited” by the sight of rifles, muzzle flashes and “shapes.” A third, Spc. Stephen Ashpole, said he saw two figures, and just aimed where everyone else was shooting.
Squad leader Sgt. Greg Baker had 20-20 eyesight, but claimed he had “tunnel vision.” Amid the chaos and pumping adrenaline, Baker said he hammered what he thought was the enemy but was actually the allied Afghan fighter next to Tillman who was trying to give the Americans cover: “I zoned in on him because I could see the AK-47. I focused only on him.”
All four failed to identify their targets before firing, a direct violation of the fire discipline techniques drilled into every soldier.
There’s more:…

One investigator told the Tillmans that it hadn’t been ruled out that Tillman was shot by an American sniper or deliberately murdered by his own men though he also gave no indication the evidence pointed that way.
“I will not assume his death was accidental or ‘fog of war,'” said his father, Pat Tillman Sr. “I want to know what happened, and they’ve clouded that so badly we may never know.”

H.L.s Take:
As I have said before this is a story that refused to die, It refuses because Pat Tillman’s parents refuse to accept the constant stonewalling and lying. The media is onto it because of the whole story of Pat, leaving the NFL to go fight. The Tillmans can make as much noise as they have to on this until the truth is revealed. Each investigation reveals more, and there are plenty of people who refuse to talk. This story is the embodiement of everything that went wrong for Bush and his wars.

20 Responses to “Yet Another Pat Tillman Investigation Reveals Even More.”

  1. Buzz Says:

    People better watch the comments on this one………I will start booking flights and paying unanounced visits to your homes.

  2. Buck Says:

    I think Pat Tillman was a class act! This was one patriotic dude! He gave up alot of dollars in the NFL to do what he felt was right. My children will grow up being told about people like Pat Tillman!

  3. axman Says:

    And buck, what will you tell them about the propaganda machine and crime syndicate that sent him there to die ?

  4. Bill Says:

    Pat did what he thought was right and there is nothing wrong with that. His parents will never find out what happen for many reasons. There are a lot of things that could have caused is none of which could be the same thing that happen in most every war. He pissed the wrong people off. Alot of Vietnam Officers and enlisted died that way and it was blamed on snipers or other things. I feel sorry for his parents but they will never know the truth.

  5. Buck Says:

    I will tell them that there is no such propaganda! I will tell them that he was a hero, and that they need to be wary of people who label great leaders ‘crime sindicates’ I will be continueing to teach them that the war on terror is broad in scope against numerous radical islamic nations! I will shelter them from the influence of people like you Axman. I almost beat a dude up for telling my kid some antiwar shit at the grocery store! I told my kid to get to the car! I told that dude to SHUT HIS ASS and that there were not any democrats left in Texas any more!

  6. HL Says:

    Pat may have pissed the wrong people off as Bill says, or maybe they were afraid of what he would say when he got home about the way things were going over there. In either scenario someone in The Military is guilty of murder, more then likely several people are guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. Bill says this happened a lot in Vietnam too. All more arguments against joining the military and going to war. The Military has too much power and can have anyone killed who pisses them off.
    The only reason for a country going to war in the first place is over money. If they think you will get in the way of them continuing to have that kind of power, and making that kind of money, they will find a way to stop you, Even if it means killing you.The whole thing is just a pile of S**t from every angle you look at it.

  7. axman Says:

    Well Buck, sounds like you’re a fightin’ man, so let me ask you: Why aren’t YOU over there in Iraq fightin’ for the glory of your Lordjesusbush and his halliburton profit adventure since you believe so strongly in his divinity?

  8. Buck Says:

    Does it bother you that Im enjoying the way of life that that is protected by the war on radical Islam! Are you saying you dont like that I support the war but are not in the military? Since when should all people not in the military be against the war on terror? Your talking about millions of Americans who are not in the military. But to answer your question directly. Its qualifications. I Could qualify for the military If I wanted to. However I dont agree with the antiwar views that some of my fellow citizens have! So, I dont feel a need to justify to the likes of people like you my support for the war by joining the military! My grandpa has already had bullets wizzing by his head in wwII so I could hold that very position! You dont have to appreciate that. Some might be offended, but I dont CARE if you do or not. So, as I tell all the people who take that line with me if it bothers you keep letting it. Then I will be happy! Buck out!

  9. axman Says:

    Gee that’s some real fine twisted pretzel logic there buck. keep trying to think, you’ll get the hang of it some day.

  10. Gunny Says:

    Axeman, I thank God there are real men who aren’t afraid to defend this nation of ours…and not hide behind some BS reason not to. I just pray that you aren’t in a position to influence young children…

  11. axman Says:

    Well I’m not in a position to influence young children, I only wish more adults were in a position not to be influenced by adults acting like young children (Bushco). H.L., I notice that one of my comments was deleted. What’s up? Where was the offense? Would you rather have the comments controlled by right wing trolls?

  12. Buck Says:

    Did you cuss me or something AXman? I bet you did! Im keeping you up at night aint I? Yep, ol Axey looses sleep at night! hee hee hee hee hee!!!!

  13. axman Says:

    No, I needn’t resort to vile cussing, I simply proposed a new line of work for you Buck. For some reason H.L. chose to delete it, I have no idea why.

  14. Buck Says:

    H.L. How about letting it ride! What is that line of work Axman? Right now Im a full time democrat pisser offer!! I been doing it for ten years! You see I cut down trees and peel the bark off them then turn them into fence posts! My boss cut down 500,000 loblolly pine trees in H.L.s’ name throughout most of 2006! Just pissing them democrats off! Then I hop on the computer and see If I can piss off some more! I have been quite successfull I might add! Much to my glee! Im a full time democrat pisser offer! I will be one for LIFE! I have some employment suggestions for you to! hee hee hee hee Later Ax!!!!! Buck out!!!!

  15. HL Says:

    Axeman, If I deleted your post it was not on purpose. Everyday I get tons of spam posts and might have accidentally deleted it. You can post it again if you like.

  16. coltan Says:

    pat tillman is my hero he has some crazy skill and is brave to he fought for me and i respect that

  17. Jeremy Says:

    Buck does not even understand the colloquialisms he uses. Ex: “My boss cut down 500,000 loblolly pine trees in H.L.s’ name throughout most of 2006! Just pissing them democrats off!” — We understand that H.L. is quite possibly a democrat, and therefore possibly strongly against deforestation. Let’s assume these assumptions are true. Buck’s statement claims that these trees were cut down “in HL’s name.” Buck fails to understand some of the oldest conventions in the English language. When something is done “in someone’s name” it means that it is done in that someone’s honor, not in the honor of the doer. The subtext of his statement might as well be “My boss cut down 500,000 loblolly pine trees All for the love of good old H.L., furthermore, all because H.L. was unable to be there to cut down the trees himself, as he gratefully would have, had he the opportunity or the time.” I also found Buck’s use of defensive rhetoric with which he justifies his need not to justify himself interesting: “I Could qualify for the military If I wanted to. However I dont agree with the antiwar views that some of my fellow citizens have! So, I dont feel a need to justify to the likes of people like you my support for the war by joining the military!” O.K. folks, Ready for the subtext on that one? Buck is essentially stating “I don’t feel a need to defend myself, but I better defend myself just to be safe, because my integrity may not be as strong as I tell myself it is.” Then he goes on to defend his defenselessness a bit more: “My grandpa has already had bullets wizzing by his head in wwII so I could hold that very position!” Oh, Dear Lord in heaven. H.L. better watch his ass on that one. Buck may not be convicted enough in his ideals to enlist, but that’s ok– ready for the justification– Because his BLOODLINE has served, at least. That oughtta count for something, right? Buck sure hopes so. Of course, all this is fairly pointless to dissect when you consider the way Buck opened the thread: “People better watch the comments on this one………I will start booking flights and paying unanounced visits to your homes.” Oh, how we all are shaking in our boots, Mr. Buck.

    Pat Tillman died because, as axman put it, the “propaganda machine and crime syndicate that sent him there to die” allowed it to happen, explicit reasons aside. There is not much to be gained from understanding whether Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire or not, nothing will bring a man back to life; and the real bitch of it all is, wars are waged to protect and extend the interests of the global elite, not to defend any republic’s interests or to make the world safe or any of that red tape. War is a bamboozle, a racket for the rich, and there is no easy way to explain all the reasons why wars happen. Propaganda flies free. Easily swayed opinions are swayed. Sheep are herded. Cash is collected. Lives are claimed… It is been sadly, since the dawn of man, that the use of force to extract gain has existed.

  18. Jeremy Says:

    Oh how stupid and democratic of me, I meant Axman cutting down the trees of course, not H.L.

  19. Jeremy Says:

    holy f**k, no — that is what buck said– “in H.L.’s name.” Ok, so Mr. Buck does understand his usage of the english language… that is if it is true that H.L. actually gives a damn.. Ugh.

  20. Jeremy Says:

    And since the L. stands for “liberal”… Oh my god I’m getting sick to my stomach…