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Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on November 8th, 2006 10:52 am by HL

This day keeps getting better and better.

GOP says Rumsfeld is stepping down

WASHINGTON – Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, architect of an unpopular war in Iraq, intends to resign after six stormy years at the Pentagon, Republican officials said Wednesday.
Word came a day after the Democratic gains in the election, in which Rumsfeld was a focus of much of the criticism of the Iraq war. Officials said Robert Gates, former head of the CIA, would replace Rumsfeld.

H.L.s Take:
You gotta see this

H.L. Exclusive..Rush Limbaugh Statement on Rummy’s Resignation

Also you may remember this comic. Bush is finally starting to listen.
Rumsfeldian Rhapsody

10 Responses to “RUMSFELD TO RESIGN”

  1. Buck Says:

    You know Bush came close early on to making (D) Sam Nun Defense secretary! He went with Rumsfeld in large part because Rumsfeld was such an advocate of National Missile Defense! That is the reason why I thought Rummy was such a good choice. I know I have argued missile defense repeatedly. I know some of you may be tired of hearing it . Let me try this angle! Ever since North Korea tested their first atomic bomb some of the democrats are now FOR missile defense. ‘Im for a missile defense that works’ says Hillary Clinton! That is pacifist code for ‘ no missile defense unless it can knock down all missiles fired at us’ Since it is not 100% effective as the current system is not! Then the system is not worthy of deployment as far as democrats are concerned! Some would not want it even if it WAS 100% effective! Since Russ Feingold or Hillary Clinton would NOT support the funding and continued deployment what would be their plan for dealing with lets say, ten North Korean missiles comming at us?? They would have 0% effectiveness! Lots of missiles would be flying! Lots of people would be dying! Mushroom clouds would have people crying! All because democrats want 100% effectivness! I hate the way democrats look at stuff! Employed or unemployed together! HIV together! Give up gasoline together! Pass on missile defense and get blowed up TOGETHER! That is why I liked Rummy! He knew the value of missile defense! Buck out!

  2. lmz90028 Says:

    That Rush video is highly disturbing! Ick.

  3. Buzz Says:

    The conflict in Iraq will never be solved if the soldiers in the field are not allowed to soldier. Having Rumsfeld and Bush and all these other Washington desk jockeys dictate how the war is fought will get us nowhere.

    Let the commanders in the field fight the way it ought to be fought. Then and only then will you achieve some type of positive result.

  4. axman Says:

    Positive result? what you mean like everybody dead?

  5. Buzz Says:

    Meaning the government and Iraqi people can control there own country. The insurgents put down and or eliminated and our soldiers coming home.

    Are you that much of a half wit to have to have that explained to you?

  6. Buck Says:

    Positive results= No more radical islamic terrorists training to hit America!
    No more radical islamic nations left to help them do it!
    Never ending supply of crude from a unthreatend Sadi Arabia and Kuwait
    The destruction of Hezzbolah!
    The eternal safty of Israel!
    The preservation of not just freedom, but the American way of life

    This is the GOAL…………as it sholud be

  7. axman Says:

    Even a half wit knows that what they are trying to do in Iraq is an impossibility. Like a man eating an airplane. The insurgents will always win over a superior military force because of one simple, inescapeable fact; THEY LIVE THERE! IT’s the same reason the british couldn’t defeat our new born country in the 1700’s; because we LIVED HERE. Show me one historical example of a succesful occupation of another country in the 20th century. I dare you.

  8. Gunny Says:

    how about the Nazi resistance after WWII….the “werewolves”……it took a bit, but we helped “them” see the light! I will admit though, we need to be a little more aggressive….take away some of the embedded reporters…we could end this thing sooner…

  9. axman Says:

    Well that has nothing to do with the model I’m citing; the germans were war-weary and basically wanted us there except for a small lunatic faction. Most Iraqis Don’t want us there. So how did all of these work out: France-Vietnam, France-Algiers, U.S.-Vietnam, Soviets-Afganistan, etc. My point is that you’ll always be defeated eventually is the majority of the population doesn’t want you there. Oh, I forgot the British in India as well. Now again, Show me one successful historical example.

  10. Buck Says:

    The Iraqis are not the ones waging the road side bomb war! Lets get this straight! The Iraqi population are not part of the insurgentcy! The sunnis and the shia are waging a war against each orther. This largly factional war is fought in gun battles! Iranian operatives amoungst the sheites are the ones bringing the IEDs or materials to make them across the border! IRAN is responsible for the deaths of Americans during this insurgentcy not the Iraq population! It is Iranian ordinance that is killing Americans in Iraq! This is already well known amoungst military experts and WELL DOCUMENTED! So the home defense rule does not apply here Axman! It rarely does! It is more rather free nations vrs non free nations! We did not beat the British because they come over here! We just had enough people here that wanted freedom is what it is! Meaning, if we would have had to invade England as well to get our freedom we would have! Some people like to tolerate communism and islamic terrorist states for safty. I know it works the orther way around!! Buck out!!!