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Tomorrow Is The Day. Get Out and Vote.

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on November 6th, 2006 11:51 am by HL

Sen 06: Four Critical Races
these races are close, get out there and voteThere have been some important changes in the Senate polling over the past week. Tennessee now appears to have turned against Democratic Rep. Harold Ford, while Virginia has moved away from Republican Sen. George Allen to a clear tossup. From now on, when people use the term “Tossup” they should show the plot of the Missouri race which lacks trends, bumps, wiggles or hints of what is to come. But the big news of today is the move that has been made in Montana where Democrats were ready to claim (amd many Republicans to concede) Sen. Conrad Burns’ seat.

H.L.s Take
To our friends in Montana, Virginia, Missouri, and Tennessee (and of course everywhere else). Please get out and vote tomorrow, nothing is more important then taking control of both houses of Congress. It is the only possible way to stop Bush

10 Responses to “Tomorrow Is The Day. Get Out and Vote.”

  1. Buck Says:

    Hey, to all my red state friends in Montana, Missouri, Virginia, and Tennessee! Dont forget your American pride! Dont forget that there are radical Islamic nations that hate us! We know that they are friends with Al Qaida, and orther terrorist organizations. We know this, wether there is a paper trail or not verifying it. Remind fellow voters of the national security record of democrats which is dismal! You live in strong national security states! Remind voters of gay marriage, which always helps! Lets get to the polls red staters! Remember to hate communism when you cast a vote! Voting here is the ultimate snub in the face of Bin Laden, Ahmadinijad, KimJong Il, and Hugo Chavez as well as orther sumbitches who dont want us to have that right! Remember vote patriotism, freedom and pride first! God Bless America!

  2. HL Says:

    Thats right don’t forget your American Pride. America is not supposed to be the place where The Presidency is stolen. This isn’t supposed to be the country where the supreme court illegally allows that to happen. This isn’t supposed to be the country that attacks a soveriegn nation that did not attack us. This is not supposed to be a nation that supports torture. All of this has happened because of George W. Bush and the Republican regime.
    Don’t forget that because of Bush’s war in Iraq we fostering radical nations that hate us. Of course they hate us, we are killing them when they did not provoke attack. Remind your friends of the dismal national security of Bush and The republicans. While on their watch the 2 biggest disasters to ever hit The United States in 230 years occured. 9/11, and the devastion of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. A vote against the Republicans is a vote against fear, ignorance, thievery, and murder…. Remember vote patriotism, freedom and pride first! God Bless America!
    The choice is yours….Welll…What you gonna do???

  3. JM Says:

    Mr. Bush has gotten himself in a quandry and now is running like a wild one to states that are not even in contention….but shows a despirate action on he and Rove’s part. Worried I think so, but remember IF you can continue with this rampage of imcompetence, then think of your loved ones in IRAQ and wonder why he will not change course, let the Government there take control and bring our troups home ~ and there can be no stronger ignorance than in D.C. and the White house propaganda machine ~ namely Carl Rove and Dick Cheney ~ so I am going to vote against what I know has gone wrong and for anything other than what we have now ~

  4. axman Says:

    Yeah ‘we know this’ buck regardless of whether or not there are actual facts to back it up. Buck ‘thinks’ he ‘feels’ he ‘believes’, he’d buy anything the chimp is selling

  5. Buck Says:

    One needs to think, feel and believe! Or one is a waste of space! It leaves one resorting to fearing vegtables and falling off watermelon trucks! Dont get run over by the watermelon truck when it comes back to pick you up! Axman! You got to hang on and think at the same time!

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Buck out!!

  6. The Old Mule Says:

    Buck, you’re the second biggest loser in the world tonight besides Bush. Too bad your pals lost and will soon be in prison jumpsuits. The gig is all over now. Cleaning up house and time for move forward, not backward.

    For the record, what the hell does Al Qaeda, terrorism, and state leaders have to do with the US elections?

  7. axman Says:

    So buck how do you feel today? those facts can often hit harder than any watermelon truck.

  8. Buck Says:

    All the candidates I voted for won by a landslide! Way to go Texas! There is no shortage of ink for veto pens! Bush could scratch up the finish on his desk in the oval office vetoing any shit that comes his way if he wanted to! That makes me feel pretty good! How does that make you feel Axman? How does it make you feel knowing Im going to keep my tax cut, assault rifiles and combustion engines? Nor are we leaving Iraq! How does that make you feel?

    Remember to think with your head, and hang on with your hands. Dont try to think with your hands, and hang on with your head! Remember! Head for thinking, hands for hanging!

    Hey Old Mule! What you posted did not make a GO**AM bit of since! Give it another try!

  9. lmz90028 Says:

    Bush keeps vetoing and Hillary will slide back into that Oval Office in 2008.

  10. Buck Says:

    He has hardly used it. But keep the ink truck on standby now!

    As far as Hillary! The northeast and California aint gonna cut it! Texas and most of the smaller states trumps New York and California in the electoral college! You see IMZ? You see????