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Jennifer Garner at CA-11, Get Out The Vote Drive

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts), Pictures on November 4th, 2006 2:17 pm by HL

Democrat Jerry McNerney is running against Republican Richard Pombo in California’s 11th District. Democrats held a get out the vote rally today.
Here’s a story from our up north correspondent Don Zeigler.

Here’s some pictures of Jennifer Garner at the McNerney rally in Pleasanton this
morning. Ben Affleck had a migraine and could not attend. Several hundred were
there, volunteers for door-to-door canvassing today. There were a few jerks from
anti-immigrant and the Pombo campaigns carrying signs but they were a mild
distraction, although of course the TV cameras had to bring them into the story as
well. I asked a couple of them if they lived in Pleasanton and if they got to go
to the Laura Bush rally here yesterday (which was a private affair and closed to
the public) but all they would say is ‘Jesus Loves You’ through clenched teeth.
We also saw the Pombo/Bush float as we were leaving so we have some pictures of it
also. They were cool people and took a HL bumper sticker and said they would
check out your site.

Jennifer Garner at McNerney Rally.

Jennifer Garner at McNerny Vote Rally

Lots of people want Pombo out.
Jennifer Garner at McNerny Vote Rally

Richard Pombo Loves George Bush
Float at Mcnerny get out the vote rally

7 Responses to “Jennifer Garner at CA-11, Get Out The Vote Drive”

  1. Heather Graham-Read Says:

    You really captured Bush’s inner beast. Love it. Great job!!

  2. GOP Says:

    You are sinners! I will pray that you see the mistakes that you are making. You need to read the Bible.

  3. Buck Says:

    Cut-and-runners! Cut-and-runners vary in degree! Slow cut-and-runners, who want to cut-and-run from Iraq in phases! Moderate cut and runners, who prefer a more speedy withdrawl from Iraq! And Bull Run kind of cut-and-runners. Thats when the yankee army turned tail and flat out RUN from the confederates! Democrats want our troops to drop their gear, and RUN!
    ‘RETREAT!! RUN!! RUN!! RUN!! ‘ from Alqaida in Iraq!

    Jerry Mcnerney I suspect falls under the Bull run kind! HL is that so??

  4. lmz90028 Says:

    LOVED that Dallas game today!

  5. HL Says:

    Hey GOP, how are we sinners? So having a vote drive to elect the candidate that we think is best able to run this district? Why? because our candidate is against yours. Must be a very conveinent life to just dismiss anyone who has opinions that are contrary to yours as sinners.

    No need to think, just be a name caller. Very intelligent. Or did you just post this to get that link to your lame ass website up here? (which I removed anyway)

  6. Buzz Says:

    Well I voted for neither of these ass clowns. I used the mailers as who NOTE to vote for. The more mailers I got from someone the less likely I was to vote for them.

    Figured they have too much money if I get 14 mailers from each of them…….LOL.

  7. Poppy Says:

    He’s not the only one who loves Jr. and his pals. NBC: allowed ONE candidate to appear in prime time –THREE times –FREE air time worth millions –REFUSES to allow his opponent in California’s governor race ANY time. BOYCOTT NBC.
    –It’s going around the Net –e-mail your friends: Don’t watch NBC.
    See: davineremedy.wordpress.com –and for new rules on what to bring to Voting Polls.

    (I just found out: Oval Office occupant HATES/DETESTS/goes berzerk if someone calls him “Jr.”
    –so that’s his New title! LOL, heeheehee)