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Cindy Sheehan at Anti-War March & Rally in Hollywood

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on October 28th, 2006 4:01 pm by HL

Cindy Sheehan speaks at the anti-war rally in Hollywood

Cindy Sheehan appeared at the Anti-War March and Rally in Hollywood today. Also on stage were Ahun Ghandi, who is the Grandson of the famous Indian peace activist, Mike Farrell, and Ron Kovic the subject of Born on The 4th of July. The march started on Hollywood and Vine and went to the CNN building on Sunset. Cindy said it was great to be in front of the place that was a cheerleader for Bush’s war, the war that took her son. Cindy wants to make sure that her grandchildren won’t have to go and die for anyones war.

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16 Responses to “Cindy Sheehan at Anti-War March & Rally in Hollywood”

  1. David Allen Says:

    I wonder when the liberal side of the Democratic Party is going to realize what a huge liability Ms. Sheehan is to our chances of winning any election?

  2. HL Says:

    Thats OK, if you are pro war, just vote for Hilary in the primary.

  3. Tig Says:

    Cindy is an attention whore.

  4. mom Says:

    Cindy is a disgrace to military families everywhere.

  5. Arthur Skinner Says:

    Ms. Sheehan is not a boon to the Democratic party. Particularly this close to an election, I really do wish she would stay away from cameras and microphones.

  6. Bill Says:

    I hope that she keeps going in front of them because every time she opens her mouth she shows the world just wht the Liberal/Dem party is all about. And it is not the best interest of this country. Please vote for hilary then the dems can finish this country off. If she gets in the white house again than we might as well become part of france because she will have the same policys as france. “We can talk them into being our friends and they will love us. They just want us to leave their country. And we need a national heath care program paid for by the government that doesn’t work like Canada’s and all the other countrys that have tried it”.
    Cindy Sheehan is nothing but a cry baby that wants to blame the world for her loss. Well guess what all she is doing is making herslef look like an ass. She is not the only one who has lost family in the war but you don’t hear all of them raising hell about it. Infact you hear more about the fact that she is a disgrace to the military families rather than any thing else. So I say let her talk she is the best thing for the Lib/Dem party. Vote for Hilary we need another crook in the white house.

  7. HL Says:

    The people (republicans) who write posts against Cindy, show why we are better then they are. I have seen republicans get nasty about people like Bill and Hilary Clinton, and anyone else who is not a kool aid drinking, Rush Limbaugh listening simpleton, but never have I heard such hatred, and inhuman garbage uttered by anyone about anything as I do from the Republicans about Cindy Sheehan. The comments that are still up here were by far the tamest that were written. Bottom line Cindy lost her son in Bush’s quagmire lie, she doesn’t want others to lose their children in the same lie. (You know the one that Bush, Cheney, and Rummy are making Billions off while the poor and ignorant go to die for) The hatred, death wishes, and worse that republicans spew over Cindy is beause they know they are wrong. They KNOW they are wrong but can never admit it, and Cindy just shoves in their faces harder then anyone else. Thats why they HATE her so much. Just trying to save lives, but they HATE her, actually pray for her death. Of course these are the same war mongering chickenhawks that would never think to go over there and volunteer to fight the war they love so much. In a way I almost wish the draft would come back so I could see them eat their words and shut the F**k up already. They wouldn’t be so brave if they had to go over there and back up there stupid mouths.

    As for the supposed Democrats who are against Cindy, that is also B.S. Cindy will have no bearing on the elections. No one is going to vote against a democrat because of Cindy. These liars are Republicans trying to pretend they are democrats to try to influence some votes. More lies from the liars.

  8. Bill Says:

    Right HL liberals are better than Con’s. Cindy’s husband belived that so much that he divorced her. Why because of her obsession with all of this. He lost his son as well along with others and you don’t see them up there running their mouth and stalking the President. And of all the families that have lost people there are I am sure ones that don’t support the war. So you want to say that Cindy is better than the rest for what she is doing than you need to take YOUR ass down and sign up because with out the people who enlist in the military people like you wouldn’t have the rights that you have. You want to talk sh*t about people should back their mouths up than that’s fine HL why don’t you. Go down and enlist you like your rights so much go fight to keep them. I have a right to say something I have been in the military and it wasn’t just peace time. The people like mom that posted the comment that Cindy is a disgrace to the military have every right to say that as well. So HL you been in the military? Have you served your country? Or are you one of those that would rather let the others do it and just complain about it.
    From everything that I have seen on this web site You are just another Lib that does nothing but Bit*h about the Rep’s because they don’t do things to your liking.

  9. lmz90028 Says:

    Well that may be the one thing libs and rightwingers have in common – we both bitch a lot about the other side! Seriously Bill, if you are so offended by this site and get so obviously angered by it…by all means, leave it!

  10. HL Says:

    Hey Bill, why should I take my ass down and sign up. I am AGAINST the war. Why would I go sign up for something I am agaisnt? Are you really that stupid. People who are for the war, and won’t go fight it are a bunch of chickenhawk hypocrites. And don’t give me that bullshit about protecting my right to do whatever. That tired old line that the army drills into your head. Yeah they were protecting me from Saddam coming over here with his big bad army and taking over.

  11. sfliberal Says:

    Just because someone was in the military doesn’t make them any more able to figure out whether this war is right or wrong than someone who wasn’t. The vets even seem to have a bias that any war that this country starts, including this one, is right just because they were in one once and we wouldn’t kill all of these people unless they needed killing. I got sent to Vietnam by a president with a hard-on to start a war and he almost got me killed for no good reason and I think Cindy has every right to try to stop this repetition of it. Two years ago when she started her protest she was very alone but now she has sixty percent of America agreeing with her. A profile in courage.

  12. Buck Says:

    Cindy Shehan and Hugo Chavez need to do some election eve gatherings with John Kerry! That way that can ALL talk bad about the troops together!

    The new campaign slogan! Custom made for democrats!


    ‘Hey you ignorant, poor, troop supporting voters that keep voting republican! Just vote democrat so we can call you ignorant and poor from a position of power! Vote democrat so we can bad mouth the troops then back it up with cuts in military funding! As democrats do!’

    As always I can slam democrats and Bow wow wow wow wow. She might do could in the kibbles n’ bits commercial try-outs!

  13. Buzz Says:

    This is a perfect example of why both parties are unable to do anything.

  14. Buzz Says:


    Cindy’s son did not HAVE to go to war. He enlisted and served. Then he reenlisted………all of his own free will. No one drafted him, no one held a gun to his head and made him go. And he actually volunteered to go out after those ambushed. He was trying to help his brothers in arms.

    Do you really believe that someone who volunteered for service twice would approve of what his mother is doing?? Do you think he was trying to become a martyr or something??

  15. HL Says:

    You are correct that he didn not have to go, and wanted to be there. However I don’t think he would dissapprove of what his mother is doing. I’m sure that she didn’t want him to go even if he did, and if she does not believe in the war, then she is doing what she can to try to save others. Think of it this way, Casey might have wanted to serve, but he would still be alive today if not for Bush’s war of lies. Serving your country is one thing, but getting killed because your commander in chief is more concerned with profits then the lives of his soldiers is another.

  16. Buzz Says:

    “Bush’s war of lies”

    that congress approved

    “the war that took her son”

    that he enlisted for

    “Cindy wants to make sure that her grandchildren won’t have to go and die for anyones war.”

    Well maybe she will have more influence over her grandchildren then she did her own child. She can convince them not to enlist unlike her own son did.

    You say you don’t think he would disapprove. I would disagree with you because like I said he volunteered twice. Regardless we will never have his side of the story so I guess we will never know for sure.

    He died trying to help other soldiers in need. That was a noble and brave thing to do. Casey was a brave soldier no matter what his mom or the people that oppose her say about it.