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Latest Fear Mongering Republican Campaign Ad

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on October 23rd, 2006 9:37 am by HL

Here is more proof that the Republicans are a one issue party when it comes to campaigning. This is the latest fear mongering Republican ad for the upcoming election. It stars none other then the boogeyman to end all boogeymen, Osama Bin Laden. Hard to believe they can be so afraid of a buy who has been dead for the past 4 years, but then again Republicans are afraid of everything except young boys.

6 Responses to “Latest Fear Mongering Republican Campaign Ad”

  1. LA Says:

    WOW! They are so desperate, but really falling behind in the polls because they’re stuck in their old fear mongering mode.

    The Internet has educated people and no body believes their bull shit.

    They should have stuck with Emanuel Goldstein for crediblity sake.

  2. Bill Says:

    LA the Dem’s are just as desperate for running the Michael J Fox ad. Since they are talking nothing but lies in the ad. The bill they are talking about is for cloning not stem cell research to help find cures for any thing. So who is desperate now.

  3. LA Says:

    We’re not talking about Dems and their ads. We’re talking about Repubs and their terroist buga buga. It just seems so convenienctly to appear before elections. Same old story. Nothing new. You Repubs must be moronic to believe the stupidity you believe.

    Your enemy are the people you love the most.

  4. Dan Says:

    To me, what you are describing is the current world of politics, national and local. There is less and less true dialogue and proper debate than there is fear mongering and personal debasement. In one local election here the only position one candidate took was to claim that the other candidate let pedophiles go unpunished, threatening the safety of our children.

    And so it goes…And so the fear batters us like a Noreaster, one wave of mind-numbing terror and horror after the next. The problem being, as you know, that fear like that does NOT motivate to action. It befuddles and paralyzes.

    We are not safer in this country. We are more afraid, but not safer.

    There’s a great new book that just came out about this sort of Viral Fear by J. Acosta called THE NEXT OSAMA (www.jodere.com). It follows 4 main characters as they fall into the Major Media Slipstream and tumble not only out of control but into each other.

    It’s a great read. And it forces us to ask the questions you’re asking right now. How do we stay free from paralyzing fear AND from harm?


  5. Bill Says:

    Ok LA than you have no problem with cloning and you see nothing wrong with lieing to people about the facts of what the politicians are trying to do. Well that’s interesting, it’s all right for your guys to do it but no one else. You say that the Dem’s ads aren’t a fear ad when Fox comes on and says that if you don’t back this person than there wont be a cure found is a fear ad. You got your head shoved so far up you a** that you can’t even see light.

  6. LA Says:

    Cloning stem cells for humans? I don’t see a problem with it if you don’t see a problem with dumping cluster bombs on children. All stem cells are wanted for is to save life. But they’re many moral implicatoins that even the legal system hasn’t resolved.

    Are far as the ad, if MJF was in it, then it must have been a good ad. Don’t drown in your tears Bill!