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Video: Karl Rove Calls His Evangelical Base “The Nuts”

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on October 13th, 2006 9:18 am by HL

Keith Olbermann shows how The Bush administration pretends to cater to the religious right, but really just uses them for their votes, and laughs at them behind their backs. They are catching on and are pissed.

3 Responses to “Video: Karl Rove Calls His Evangelical Base “The Nuts””

  1. Out West Says:

    What is funny about this is no one is reporting that Kuo said that it wasn’t Bush that was making fun of them it was the STAFF

  2. HL Says:

    Um, don’t you mean that Bush is on Rove’s (and Cheney’s) Staff.

  3. Wyatt Matturs Says:

    Re: On ‘Religical’ Domination of Superpower Democracy

    (compared to)

    The Faithful Truth and Moral Beauty of the Amish (Quaint as Geneva Conventions?)

    Now what a haunting Reminder to America
    that horse & buggy funeral procession;
    the stricken grandfather in wounded humility
    turning his cheek from the camera as if it
    just struck
    a glancing blow;

    the Obeyed Demand of Forgiveness Finding its Way
    out to the world’s shock and awe, to mean itself that much,
    to Know that unshakably,
    affirming their potable depth of Faith and defying
    our polluted suspension of Belief
    to flow that fresh, that clean,
    that lofted through such tears,
    a Somehow still-
    Birthday Candle of Christ in Humanity
    ~a Wish for His Mercy on Earth NOW
    through gaping cracks of absolute innocent Grief…
    heart-felt, crushed-open meltdown-light…

    An Ageless Example
    to the busy Fuss & Bustle of Modern “Faith”
    there we have it, Folks–
    From the Hopelessly-Quaint
    “Horse & Buggy” Set!
    Haha. Maybe in the End
    The Joke’s
    …on Us…
    On Echochambered Megachurches
    flocking to the Carnival Barker’s Ticket-Pitchcraft:

    The Rapture Coaster!
    [Must Vote REPUBLICAN to Ride Forever]
    Full of a Lesson for the Lastbound “First”?
    …what a bittersweet rebuke to evangelical rapturites
    those garish Neo-Christian Rodeo Clowns,
    those Moon-$hadowed Religitician$
    of the Far Right: over-privileged, over-indulged
    Sheep-Clothed wolves
    howling on behalf of their
    darkening Party, urging Thoughtless Legions
    to Cast their Votes like Stones
    Against the Poor:
    Moral Loss-Leaders (from Pro-”Life” to Pro-War-Pharisees)
    pointy-elbowed partakers of upscale lifestyles, Needers of
    luxury, overt consumers of ‘Creature Comforts’…
    “First-Class Passengers” of Christian Faith:
    that’s right–eager butlers for Powers That Be–
    take an unflinching look
    at these shepherds of Our National Soul–
    you will not find a “Better Angel” among them.
    Lift Rock & ROLL…
    the multi-millionaire borne-again goonset
    of Bushelzebubba Toadia
    “endorsing” assasinations
    & “blowin’ ‘em off the face of the Earth
    in the name of the LORD”
    [aka, “The Prince of Peace”…]
    shall we call it ’science’ or is it more an art
    telling the smell of $ulphur
    from a PResidential Fart?


    Those Whose Names–
    having so
    (Heartlessly, Thoughtlessly)
    Befriended & Served the Interests
    of the Powers that Be,
    will never appear on a ‘no-fly’ list here–
    may yet
    Gnash & Wail at Hell’s Coiled Twist:
    O YES–
    Famous names, Familiar names:
    Whitehouseholed names,
    Church-goey ‘Trusted’ names like
    Might well indeed appear on the
    No-Fly list.
    And as God is “No Respecter of Persons”
    will it matter–at all– that a “PRayerful”
    PRomptly “returned” their “call”?
    The line is long indeed of the Last featuring themselves “First”
    in Love with Christ…
    Hard-Rightwing Left-Behindees?
    They will be Surprised, BIGtime. But we shouldn’t be.
    Doesn’t Scripture foretell the Thoughtlessly-Willing
    Deception of the “Very Elect”?
    They “Followed” as they were “Told”.
    Ignoring Bitter Truth for Sweet Lies–
    What could be simpler:
    than to “know them by their fruits”.
    Who Said That?
    Think he Meant it?
    Who has heart-felt eyes to see
    at least might glimpse
    the $cales of the Beast
    “Between the Lines”:
    The Lies, and the Father of Lies, stroking,
    coveting, stoking our deepest fears
    how the Serpent then $hines!
    how he Rises, then again “disappears”
    ~the Moments of Deception far more Telling
    and telling far more–than
    Moments of Truth
    ~Proclaiming himself “Decider”
    “Serving” the Prince of Peace
    …as President of WAR…

    An “American” who would be “King”…
    –What Whitehouse in “Greener $ervice” to the “Root of all Evil”
    than HIS?


    The bittersweet burden of forgiveness
    borne by horse & buggy
    their upbrought intentions manifest, in bereavement quivering
    but in mercy unshaken–
    “quaint” as those Geneva Conventions.
    THESE Christians have Kept the Faith: uncontaminated,
    manifestly unmistaken.
    Of course not in Horse & Buggy per se:
    but in, and by, Heart and Soul, Follow their Way.
    They were never tempted to take the Broad Self-Righteous Road
    of Political Redstatechristianity;

    I urge you
    Brother and Sister in Christ: long yet sudden in coming
    it is now High Time Indeed to Turn
    from the Hard Right’s Misguiding Wrong,
    against their barbarous, fear-mongering Absolutes:
    Look to Those Untempted by Power & Pride;
    Who Never Let Their Faith Be Taken “Hostage”
    for the False Ransom of a False Ride…
    …Know them by their Fruits–
    Who So Quaint by Horse & Buggy
    Stay the Truer Course, Unshaken:
    Watch and Learn.
    Watch and Learn Indeed.

    -Rev. Hogtie Potus (Cowboy Noir) from “Pulpit Nonfiction for a Change…”