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Army Solution to Families Whose Parents Sent to Iraq: Cardboard Cutouts

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on October 9th, 2006 7:34 am by HL

Believe it or not this is a true story. Hey kid if you are missing your Daddy, or Mommy because they have been sent to Iraq for a 4th time now. Don’t worry the Army has a solution. A life size cardboard cut out of him/her, that they will send you. Now you can always have them around even when they are not there. Don’t try to get them to play catch, or help with the homework though. Hey its as good as the real thing.

America’s cardboard army of Flat Daddies boosts families

The Observer
Mom: After we put the kid to bed its you and me flat boyIt is one of the hardest things about being a military family. How to cope when a husband and father, or wife and mother, is posted abroad, especially to combat zones such as Iraq or Afghanistan.
Now the United States army has come up with a bizarre solution: Flat Daddy and Flat Mommy.

Many military units can provide families with a life-size cardboard cutout of their overseas warrior. The family can then take that figure to parties, put it in the passenger seat of their car, take it to bed or do whatever it is that families want to with a replica of their loved one.

4 Responses to “Army Solution to Families Whose Parents Sent to Iraq: Cardboard Cutouts”

  1. Buck Says:

    Now H.L., You think comforting children of heroes is bizarre?
    I would have to say that is very bizarre of someone to feel that way!

  2. lmz90028 Says:

    Where did HL say this , Buck? Way to make things up again.

  3. HL Says:

    You call a cardboard cutout comfort. Wow you are a real head case.

  4. Buck Says:

    Is that not H.L.’s take by the picture above?