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Youth Democracy.Net

Posted in Email, Main Blog (All Posts) on October 7th, 2006 10:31 am by HL

from Caleb Hayes

Hi, my name is Caleb Hayes and I am starting a new website for the youth
to help them become more politically active. You may remember me as the
young founder of Well now I’m back with Youth It is time for our youth to step up to the plate and take back this country.

Would you be interested in trading links to help promote my site? Or
maybe doing a story on Youth

H.L. Responds
Caleb, Great idea and site, Good Luck

19 Responses to “Youth Democracy.Net”

  1. Buck Says:

    I might have to pay that websight a visit. I will however keep my kids off that websight. I dont need little internet converted commies questioning my authority. There are already enough communists on that myspace sh*t. I am going to get me a profile. With a middle finger at http://www.youthlackof

  2. HL Says:

    Get a life dude

  3. HL Says:

    Actually on second thought, head on over, You are the best anti republican commercial there is.

  4. (: Tom :) Says:

    Buck is going to troll for little boys over at Youth Demiocracy now? Maybe you should alert Caleb, HL, so no boys over there get molested by Reppublican’ts.

  5. Buck Says:

    Tom, you could always parade as a republican also. Some of you democrats struggle enternally with what you are. As was the case with Foley. The rest of you are outright proud of your democratness. The democrats plant in the republican party did not come through. That is too bad! ha ha ha ha ha

  6. LA Says:

    Now Foley is a democrat? SPIN, SPIN, and more SPIN. You are the most ignorant SOB Repub I’ve ever encountered. Besides that, you LIE, LIE and LIE. Just like all of your asswipe Repubs.

  7. Buck Says:

    Thank you, for letting me know Im making you upset. I hate democrats, and antiwar goons, and communists. Especially the ones so ignorant they dont even know they are communists. Not knowing that communists exist and not knowing the definition of communism is a pretty bad intellectual weakness. Not knowing that there are radical islamic states is an addition to that weakness. Not knowing Foley was a democrat hiding as a republican sums it up as total weakness. Can I make you upset some more? Lets play PIN Foley on the donkey.

    GO**AM…ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Buck out!!!

  8. Bill Says:

    The problem is you don’t like it when someone gets the better of you. I have noticed that the only person that you keep attacking here is Buck. You haven’t had a single thing to say againest me. I wonder why that is. It wouldn’t be because you have the facts to back up your mouth. You sound just like every other Dem on the TV, all you do is talk trash about the people that you don’t like you never go after them on the facts. As for all Rep’s being asswipes you better think twice about that because what your going after Buck on YOUR OWN party has done. You want to talk about the Rep’s doing a spin job you better look back to YOUR president Clinton. They did nothing but a SPIN job on his little sex thing. You want to talk about child molesters you better know your facts. 16 is legal age in DC wether you like it or not.
    H.L. has called me a talking head for the Rep’s and yet you sit here and post the exact same thing that the Dem’s say on TV time and time again. You want to fight someone on the issue than you should know at least some of the facts.
    Foley admitted to sending the emails and hasn’t been charged with anything. So you want to tell me just what laws he has broken were the legal age is 16. You want to say it’s a moral thing than you better look in you own party because there are Dem’s who have done the exact same thing.
    So instead of bashing someone because you don’t like what they are saying why don’t you start bashing them with facts.

  9. Bill Says:

    Hey LA as for fact why don’t you take a look at this web site and see just how hard your Dem’s are on sex crimes.

  10. LA Says:

    You Repubs don’t seem to upset with Foley or Hastert. So, with that said, it’s your House and Senate (for now), what do YOU suggest doing about sexual deviants like Foley? Blame it on the Dems once again?

    BTW, I’m not a Dem.

  11. HL Says:

    Hey Bill, did you bother to read the story you just posted. Just like you nothing but opinion and innunedo. There is not one hard fact in that story about anything.

    “Researchers predict that most such predators have roughly a 40 percent chance of committing new sex crimes within a few years. The truth is, nobody really knows who will wreak havoc and tragedy once released”

    “Many of these supposedly “lower level” molesters – who qualify to get their names removed because they were found guilty of a misdemeanor – were originally charged with more heinous crimes but got a break during plea bargaining. ”

    “Nobody knows which of the 2,677 who were expunged from the Attorney General’s website are actually horrific predators”….

    Research predicts….no one really know….Nobody knows…. misdemeanor.

    Nothing but fear mongering bulls**t like everything your idiot republicans fall for. And as I said before Bill lets see some hard facts to back up the BS you say. I’m not going to let you come on here and spew your BS opinions when I know they are wrong. Show the proof, and stop with the crap

  12. (: Tom :) Says:

    Glad to see Bill and Buck stopped blowing each other long enough to post over here!

    No need for me to parade as a Republican’t, Buck – you and the rest of your boy blower friends are doing more than a good enough job! Besides, I have ethics. morals, and standards – which automatically disqualifies me from being a Republican’t. And I’m not a pederast enabler like you FoleyBots…

    Maybe we should call up the local authorities, and tell them Buck’s a child molester. Then his children could finally be able to grow up in a safe environment, away from child molesting Republican’ts.

    We could call them and tell them that Buck’s a doper, too. I hear they don’t like that too much over there in Texas. Then maybe we could get some more of those Republican’t child molesters to watch them. They could have careers as congressional pages!

    Hahahahahaha! Buck and Billy the child molesters. Poster boys for the clueless valueless Republican’ts. Hope you like it in the hell you’ve created for yourselves. Hope you like it when Bubba your cell mate brings out the Republican’t in you. Hahahahahahaha!

  13. Buck Says:

    Yeah, after you nark on me your so-called liberal credentials will be shot to shit wont they?
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  14. HL Says:

    Now now boys, lets go easy on the language and the insults. Lets not start getting into nothing but a bunch of name calling.

  15. Bill Says:

    Tom why don’t you do yourself a favor and look up the definition of pedophiles or child molesters so you will quit making an as* out of yourself. You apparently don’t have a clue of what either one is. Here to help you out why don’t you read this. In short it says that both are interested in children and a 16 year old isn’t a child. If that is so than you want everyone to believe that they become adults in 1 to 2 years. Try again.
    In fact heres a site for you to look at that you can read, if you can read. 30%of all teen are having sex and that is for 15 to 17 and how many of them are having it with legal age adults. By what you are saying they are being attacked by child molesters and pedophiles.
    I know teenage girls that have boyfriends that are in their 20’s and no one seems to have a problem with that . 15 year old girl with 20 year old boyfriend, lets see that means he is a molester. Why aren’t you complaining about that.
    You want to make yourself feel better by calling me a chld molester that’s fine, all your doing is showing just how ignorant you truly are. Climb back in your hole and stick your head back in the dirt that way when the Rep’s win in Nov. you wont have to kill yourself. You can watch all the polls from all the lib media showing the Dem’s in the lead and cheer all you want but when you loose in Nov. you will all be screaming that the Rep’s rigged the votes and you will have to deal with the Rep’s till 08.

  16. Bill Says:

    You are just like Tom. You want to quote this web site and that web site and everyone of them is just like you, they only show the side of the issue that you want to hear. You like having the power to do what You want just like the Dem’s and when someone takes that away from you or calls you a liar you cut them off. You don’t want to hear both sides all you want is your side. You bash what Rush Limbaugh says as BS. And yet I bet you love Ed Schultz. The reason you hate Rush is you can’t counter anthing he says.

  17. Buck Says:

    Be carefull what subjects you put out to post H.L. I think TOM might NARK on you.

  18. lmz90028 Says:

    Your stats may (or may not) be correct Bill, but don’t you see something bizarre about being part of a party line that is now defending middle age men having sex with 16 year olds that, not all that long ago, tried to impeach a president over a blow job? Talk about double standards.

  19. Bill Says:

    Imz once again you have missed the boat. Clinton wasn’t impeached for the sex he was impeached for Purgery. Now lets see Foley has said he sent emails and IM’s. See a difference.
    I never said I am for what he did but if you want things done by the Law than you can’t complain when the law says he hasn’t done anything illegal. I didn’t make the legal age 16 but it’s funny how no one has ever tried to get it raised. They made sure the drinking age went up in all 50 states.