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So Which is it Condi, Which one are you Lying About???

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on October 4th, 2006 10:00 am by HL

She’s lying about something, which is it Condi.

Condi’s Conundrum
Is she lying about her pre-9/11 briefing warning of a terrorist attack?

Don't ask meAs it turns out, however, there were
warnings – and plenty of them from foreign intelligence agencies and from within our
own government,
including one from the head of the CIA,
who was accompanied at his July 2001 meeting with Rice by another top CIA official,
Cofer Black,
cited by Woodward as saying:
“The only thing we didn’t do was pull the trigger to the gun we were holding
to her head.”
Rice, it seems to me, is the weak
in the chain of deception that holds the official narrative together:
you’ll remember her extreme
to testify at the 9/11 Commission hearing, and her subsequent
revelation, when finally shamed into making an appearance, of a presidential daily briefing headlined “Bin Laden Determined to Attack in U.S.” And now this.

H.Ls. Take:
They are all a bunch of liars. Anyone who supports this administration is supporting a pack of liars thieves and perverts.

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