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Who Did Try? Who Didn’t???

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Pictures on October 2nd, 2006 9:34 am by HL

Here is one from the coolest site on the web Bartcop

Republicans only cared about Monica and that dress

7 Responses to “Who Did Try? Who Didn’t???”

  1. HL Says:

    Hey wheres the comments on this one???? Any story not commented on by the 3B’s must mean they agree with the post. So there you have it. 9/11 is on The Republicans.

  2. Buck Says:

    What Clinton did does not qualify as a try. Keeping intell documents out of Sandy Bergers underwear would have been a good start but heck, what else are we to expect. His presidential authorizations amounted to absolutly nothing. He might as well authorized the CIA to kill Santa Clause. No sir . Im not going to let anyone parade like Clinton took action. Did he go into Afghanistan, or Iraq? No is the answer. Using the ink pen did not do anything except get the USA laughed at. Bush tries to fight the war on terror. Like it is damn well supposed to be. He does not try to prep a memo to hand over to the next joker. He does not follow polls like Clinton. H.L. I will bet Clintons finger stayed air chapped all the time. Wouldent you say??

  3. Bill Says:

    First off I guess H.L. is talking about you and me Buck, aint sure who the third B is.
    H.L. would you please tell me how bombing an asprin factory is fighting terriorism? Isn’t that what Clinton bombed or was that their headquarters. I guess after getting bombed like that they would need the asprins. Clinton only bombed that place to draw the attention off of him and monica. Remember Clinton said ” I did not have sexual relations with the woman”. Well which was it he was getting hummers from monica or he was obsessed with Bin Laden. Sounded like he was more obsessed with monica than the security of the country.

  4. Buzz Says:


    Looks like I will have to take my comments elsewhere. I am sorry to see that happen as I did have a kind of repore with some here. Your inability to post comments for others to see because you don’t agree is crap.

    You are just as bad as Bush!!!

  5. HL Says:

    Actually Buzz as you see since I posted your comment above I have no problem posting comments to see. What I do have a problem with is comments that bash this site, and insult me. I also have a problem with people making comments that are outright lies. I would say that of all the comments made on this site less then 5% have been deleted. If I look back on the previous months posts to this site you probably have more comments then just about any other reader. (There are many readers who never comment at all.) So if you feel you have to take your comments elsewhere, that is your right. Its still a free country after all.

  6. HL Says:

    Once again Buzz, with your redundant posts. The point you are trying to make (over and over and over again) has been made and acknowleded. Hence the title of this post Who did try, who didnt???, but of course that is of no concern to you because you are not a republican, just a guy who bashes democrats every chance you get, how convenient. As I explained yesterday, my focus is to get republicans out of office, so if I am not as middle of the road as you are, thats just too bad. Oh and by the way, calling me a liar is the best way to get your comments deleted.

  7. Buzz Says:

    I call them like I see them and bash both sides every chance I get.