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Condi on CIA Warning…Wait for it….I Don’t Recall.

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on October 2nd, 2006 3:31 pm by HL

You know they are desperate when they pull out the famous Reagan trick that he used to get out of any possible trouble.

Rice: No memory of CIA warning of attack

Don't ask meSHANNON, Ireland – Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she cannot recall then- CIA chief George Tenet warning her of an impending al-Qaida attack in the United States, as a new book claims he did two months before the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

“What I am quite certain of is that I would remember if I was told, as this account apparently says, that there was about to be an attack in the United States,

H.L.s Take
Whaaat?? Warning??? I don’t remember any warning??? to attack who?? The United States??? Noooo I would remember that….

14 Responses to “Condi on CIA Warning…Wait for it….I Don’t Recall.”

  1. Buck Says:

    I wonder how many closed door warnings Tenet gave Clinton? Im sure Clinton told Tenet he can aways waive his finger into the news camaras and poke correspondants and lie to the American people later after them burnin’ hot taters get out of his hands. Buck out!

  2. Bill Says:

    now come on Buck you know Clinton tried to get Bin Laden he just didn’t get it done remember. That’s what he said on Fox. Man I am going to be sick now. You know the Lib’s are going to do everything they can to blame Bush. Just sit back and wait till Nov. and when they loose which you know they will than we can all have a good laugh at just how much the American people want the Lib’s back in power.

  3. axman Says:

    Buck, you are a vegtable, you need to go lie down on the ground

  4. Buck Says:

    Im standing to proud to do such a thing. What is up axman? Your new around here. Me, I have been pestering this websight and its readers for sometime now. Did you not know that the ground was reserved for dying cockroaches? If a dying cockroach could scream it would sound like a democrat bitching about republican voter fraud! hee hee ha ha ha ha !
    Hey Axman, stick around!!

    Bill its like this. The dems will most likely pick up a few seats in the house. They will have a dry run on the senate. This will chap their cut and run ass. The democrats have become institutionalized and dependant on loosing. They love to be weak on national security. As well they love to loose over it. They are smart enough to get campaign contributions off the dummies giving them the rah rah rah. But yet incompotent enough to keep singing the same old song and dance on national security. That is vote against anything military. Then, cut and run hither and yond. It will keep them in the L column…..Buck out!

  5. Poppy Says:

    LOL…perrrfect. LUV it. Thanks.

    My theory/suspicion: the gang either Hired him; or: knew Before moving into Oval Office, that bin Forgotten Wanted to attack, or found out after and decided: it would fit in with their plans perfectly –justify invading Iraq, to feed the neo-cons. –To do nothing but wait. Proof: WHY haven’t they found him –or even looked for bin Forgotten.

    What I cannot work out: how such “people” as the Occupant, President of Vice, The Rummy & “doctor” Condo get created. –Was Every one of them victim of bullies? –Each abused by a parent? –Sexually molested? HOW do such beings grow up to be so sick, so rigidly Determined
    –to put things/life “back” the way they perceive it was in another era…. Their followers: I look at them the same way –they are terrified, I guess, of the new, of all having basics/enough, moving on.

    They couldn’t say, do, want such hateful things: unless they were filled with hate, fear –fears. We need to pity them. Hey! Maybe in the new Congress: Dems can create a Dept. of Loosers and offer therapy, neck massage, hand-holding and lessons –how to bite tongue, for the nerd-o-cons.

  6. axman Says:

    No, I’m not new around here, I’m a regular reader of the site, and what gives you the idea I’m a democrat? I’m not. But only a true vegetable could support this current shit stain on america called the republican party.

  7. Buck Says:

    Vegetables are to republicans as junk food is to democrats. True, real and everlasting!

  8. Buck Says:

    Oh yeah, did I call you a democrat?????????

  9. axman Says:

    Buck, I am trying to help you. Just lay down on the ground and grow bigger and more stupid. Your owners will harvet you soon.

  10. Buck Says:

    Are your legs still kicking back and forth? You got alot of life in you cockroach. Are you sure your not a democrat? How bout it waxman??

  11. Bill Says:

    Well gee Buck i guess axman isn’t a Dem that means he is a Lib which is just as bad. But I wont hold it againest him everyone has their faults. It just seems like the dem’s and lib’s have more than the rest.

  12. lmz90028 Says:

    Poppy, I don’t think it’s that they were bullied, I just think they are trying to make up for other shortcomings. There is a reason missiles are phallic-shaped.

  13. LA Says:

    Buck, we’ll see who has the last laugh. I’m already laughing reading axman’s last post. Hahahahaha! : ) That was brilliant.

    Anyways, your posts are not getting any better and you seem more delutional than ever. If you’re one of the smart ones, I wonder what the rest of you bozo Repubs are like.

    Somehow you always defend the indefensible. I’m certain that you’ll find a reason why Foley is a good guy. Or be like your stupid ass pal Matt Drudge making Foley the victim in this case. It’s a 15-16 year old’s fault that he got busted. How pathetic and sick is that. Or maybe FOX which knew about Foley but did not report it. Or clearly misrepresented the truth (once again) and broadcasted Foley’s name with a “D-Florida” to obviously mislead people just like you.

    Better yet, there was a WH child sex ring scandal that was reported by the Washington Times back in June29, 1989.

    What is even more interesting is to see Repub character when everything is unraveling as it is now. It is only going to get worse. It will get better when ALL Repubs and Dems that are corrupt are tarred and feathered and out of DC.

    You’re either with us or against us.

  14. Buck Says:

    One does not get a (d) from florida by their name unless they mabey at one time had a (d) from florida by their name. Which is the case with Foley. He has come out of the closet and returned to the democratic party which are his roots. By default he has rejoined his rightfull place into the wacko culture! Welcome him home folks.

    Get used to it…………………………..Foley(D)….FOLEY(D)……Foley(D)

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…Buck out….more to come stay tuned!!!