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The Army vs. Spec. Richmond

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 25th, 2006 9:42 am by HL

In the Army People Kill other people, usually the dreaded “enemy” but sometimes things get confusing out there and people other then the “enemy” get killed.

The Army vs. Spec. Richmond

Washington Post
Edward had been among the first soldiers to be sent to prison for killing a civilian in the Iraq war, and among the first to walk out of prison. What waited for him was a parole officer in heat-struck Louisiana.

He didn’t like anyone standing too close. He slept on the floor instead of the bed. When he went through a box the Army had sent home, he found his uniform, infantry badges and ribbons. The vestments of a soldier’s life. Edward put all of it in the trash

H.L.s Take
When you are out on patrol for months or even years at a time, nerves get frayed, soldiers get jumpy after hearing so many explosions, and seeing so many of their fellow soldiers get killed. They get jumpy and sometimes pull the trigger too soon, and innocent people die. Yet one more reason why we should not be going to wars because Bush lied us into them so he could steal oil and get weapons maker richer. This guy should not have been out there at all. Now he has to spend the rest of his life dealing with what he did. Thanks to Bush

One Response to “The Army vs. Spec. Richmond”

  1. Bill Says:

    So now when a soldier screws up and gets cought it is because of the stress, blasts, friends getting killed. I don’t remember hearing anyone saying that about the Vietnam Vets. They were called baby killers murders and the likes. You want to believe the Liberial media that is your choice I know how they have lied many times over about all things.