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Polls Give Democrats Lead in Pennsylvania

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 22nd, 2006 11:58 am by HL

One of the most religio-crazyest of the Crazy set for a fall.

Polls Give Democrats Lead in Pennsylvania

Santorum aired a TV spot featuring actors supposedly portraying four big donors to Casey’s campaign meeting inside a smoke-filled jail cell. The senator’s campaign later conceded that none of the men had given money to Casey’s Senate campaign and that two of them had actually contributed to Santorum’s campaign, which donated the money to nonprofit groups.

“Santorum’s desperate smear campaign isn’t working,” said Casey campaign spokesman Larry Smar. “Pennsylvanians are making clear that they want a change.”

H.L.s Take
Republican campaign tactic #1. Accuse your opponent of doing the bad and illegal things you are doing, even though he isn’t doing it. Its worked like a charm for years. Have the people finally caught on. And even if they have will it matter with Diebold???

4 Responses to “Polls Give Democrats Lead in Pennsylvania”

  1. Buck Says:

    H.L. Dont you think it should read at the top? ‘Polls screw with democrats heads in Pennsylvania’
    ‘The polls continue to tease democrats’ ….The polls…The polls…’A survey of 986 more Pennsylvanians means thats what it is’……….Because they are the polls……
    ha ha ha ha ha

  2. LA Says:

    Too bad it’s not the Repubs that are in the lead. It sure is hard to take isn’t it Buck?

  3. Buck Says:

    Oh, Im just shaking in my shoes you researcher of code and ethics………
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ….Buck out….

  4. LA Says:

    You’re so easy to locate and that’s funny. : )