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Whats Happening??

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on September 14th, 2006 1:56 pm by HL

I just got back from a thing I had to go to for a job I am trying to get. I am going to do my writeup of last nights John Dean, Elizabeth Holtzman, event last night at UCLA where they discussed the possibilities of impeachment for Bush. Also tomorrow I leave for Vegas and the Bartcop Pokerfest Which should be a good story. Ok talk to you soon.

7 Responses to “Whats Happening??”

  1. Buck Says:

    Possibilities? Did you guys come to the conclusion that there were none????
    hee hee hee hee hee!! Buck out!!

  2. lmz90028 Says:

    There are no possibilities UNTIL the Dems take over the House. Then the Dems can call for an investigation. There are actually numerous actions by this administration that should be investigated as subversive to the constitution. I look forward to hearing from HL what was discussed by Dean and Holtzman.

    I hope people realize the difference between “high crimes and misdemeanors” as used in the constitution as grounds for impeachment versus criminal felonies and misdemeanors. However, given the typical Republican justification for Clinton’s impeachment (“he broke the law”), I doubt they do. Ignorance remains bliss…

  3. The Old Mule Says:

    Like it or not, the ball is already rolling towards impeachment. Bush and company are scared shitless because they know that besides being possible it very probable. Impeachment isn’t small talk, it’s real talk. I equate Bush to a living Stalin.

  4. Buzz Says:

    Who replaces the impeached?? Another do nothing for America politician that can’t wipe his own ass.

    Gee that sounds great.

  5. The Old Mule Says:

    That’s a good question. We do have “do nothing” politicians who will sell their souls to be elected and throw America and Americans under the bus. Look at the lobbies in Washington DC and how that impacts who gets elected and who gets funding. There may be no other way to change things without a revolution. However, you must question your local and state candidates and find out where they stand on the issues that are important to you and our country.

  6. Buck Says:

    Conspiracy theorys and impeachment. Guess what physical evidence would get produced in any such proceedings? You just cant right off the 500 shells. Just because Sean Penn comes on Larry King Live and declares how much communist and supreme ruler asses he has been kissing and saying no Al Qaida were in Iraq before 9/11 dont make it so! I bet there will not even be impeachment on the agenda.

  7. LA Says:

    There’s plenty of evidence out there to impeach Bush so don’t get so smug that he’s untouchable. The heat is on and he knows that. That’s why he’s trying to pass legislation to immunize himself from criminal prosecution. The Supreme Court has ruled he doesn’t have the unlimited executive power that he’s been proclaiming. Congress is on the verge of shifting power back to the center instead of in hands of the radical right zealots. The only thing that’ll save Bush’s ass is another rigged election. Otherwise, he’s going down.