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America Will Find You

Posted in Latest Comics, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 12th, 2006 5:42 pm by HL

News Items: Bush to bin Laden: “America will find you”

Bush caps 9/11 tributes with appeal for unity

This is a 12 Part Comic


See The Rest Of The Strip Here

16 Responses to “America Will Find You”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I belive Bush new about 9/11 before hand and did NOTHING to warn us.
    I also belive Bin Laden is dead and has been dead and Bush knows this.
    I also belive this guy is crooked to the point he does not give a you know what about the American people. He needs to be stoped and impeached NOW!!!!!

  2. HL Says:

    Cindy, damn right. thanks

  3. Buck Says:

    Bin Laden and Amahdinijad have come up with new talking points. These are relative to both inside and outside America. Ahmadinijad wants to parade like he cares about the poor here in America. Another talking point is tax cuts for the rich. Wow. What does Osama Bin Laden, Amahdinijad, John Kerry, Russ Feingold, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Al Zawari, Hillary Clinton and Kim Jong IL have in common??
    1. They CLAIM to care about oppressed peoples
    2. They dont think America should be in the middle east.
    3. The smaller the USA military forces the happier they will be
    4. BUSH from TEXAS has kept All of them good and disgusted………TO MY ABSOLUTE DELIGHT!
    I think the Iranians are full of Caspeian Sea Bullsh*t. They send that cock sucker Katami here to America to talk a head rag a doe doe dogsh*t. Badmouthing Bin Laden like Iran dont like him. What a crock of sh*t. I wish the CIA would have shot him. His line of bullsh*t just tells me Bin Laden is in Iran. Time to start the process of elimination if you get my drift.
    IRAN IRAN IRAN IRAN IRAN IRAN. PERSIA. They got slaped by the greeks back in the day!
    The battle is on for Iraq. USA vrs Iran. The USA will tire of the bull and break out the big guns .
    So, Iran is flirting disaster. Im going to right my congressman Kevin Brady and tell him lets push for air bombardment of Iran. Im an angry constituant and a consistant Republican voter. Im gonna push for military action against Iran.!!!

  4. The Old Mule Says:

    Shut Up already will you!

    Buck, you’re so f**king clueless or is it just plain Texas stupid?: I mean, I’ve never seen such an ignorant SOB since I worked in a factory. What the f**k is wrong with you? I mean, like you really are just so stuck in the past. You misrepresent your GOP or whatever the hell you represent.

    I better call my contacts at the Lincoln Club to replace you because you’re just a pathetic example of conservative dogma. I bet you still think the Russians are going to attack us too.

    You may be interested to know that your pal Gingrich is at it again. Delusional and off meds. Is that what’s happening to you?

  5. lmz90028 Says:

    Buck, you do realize that Bush is from Connecticut, right? His downhome schtick is a PR spin.

  6. Buck Says:

    Hey OLD Jackass! Dont throw them teeth into the solution yet. The Russians are helping Iran with nuclear tech. Thats today, not yesteryear grandpa! f**k the Lincoln club, like that means anything to me. Gingrich rode a wave of ‘Bill Clinton sucks’ sentiment to the speakership. Hell , thats how you get elected down here in Texas!. I watched a local debate where two candidates strayed from local concerns to national politics. They tried to out badmouth Bill Clinton each orther and the crowd was going wild!! I voted for the guy who said the worst things about Bill Clinton. So did the whole county! It was a landslide. Just like Governor Ann Richards. She got caught hanging out with Bill Clinton. She got caught saying Bill Clinton was a good president. For that the voters of TEXAS including(yours truely) applied the Bush family silver foot to her backside.
    hee hee hee. Some one at the above post needs a Geratall……ha ha ha ha ha

  7. The Old Mule Says:

    And Clinton is still a hot topic in your warped mind. Are you still living in the 90’s? Find something new already. You’re wasting bandwidth.

  8. Buck Says:

    Lets just call it payback for all of you democrat supporting tax raisers. Money that I paid in higer taxes under Slick……..Who will always be a topic……How is that for some bandwidth?.
    And H.L. can always delete the comments. So, mabey he likes what he hears. I dont have time for hurt feelings!! So it matters not!! ha ha ha ha ha Buck out!!!

  9. The Old Mule Says:

    “Lets just call it payback for all of you democrat supporting tax raisers.” Very good. Are you a comedian for a living? Or a clown?

  10. Buck Says:

    None of the above. How many goverment checks did you say you get????

  11. firewoman Says:

    Do I smell a new constitutional amendment so we can have W.J.C. as our fearless leader again? Oh please, say yes. This stuff is hilarious and so on point. GWB needs your writers.

  12. Andry Says:

    Autor, Respect!

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