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11 of America’s worst places to cast a ballot (or try)

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on September 5th, 2006 7:13 am by HL

As we all know, Bush is in power due to stolen elections. Here is an article that explains some of the ways they go about stealing. Want to take a guess where the worst 3 places to try to cast an honest vote are, no need I will tell you. Georgia, North Carolina, and of course Ohio. All 3 of these states have a majority who now despise Bush, of course you wouldn’t know it based on the stolen votes.

Just Try Voting Here: 11 of America’s worst places to cast a ballot (or try)

Mother Jones
Get a reciept with your vote...if you canMachines that count backward, slice-and-dice districts, felon baiting, phone jamming, and plenty of dirty tricks.
We used to think the voting system was something like the traffic laws — a set of rules clear to everyone, enforced everywhere, with penalties for transgressions; we used to think, in other words, that we had a national election system. How wrong a notion this was has become painfully apparent since 2000: As it turns out, except for a rudimentary federal framework (which determines the voting age, channels money to states and counties, and enforces protections for minorities and the disabled), U.S. elections are shaped by a dizzying mélange of inconsistently enforced laws, conflicting court rulings, local traditions, various technology choices, and partisan trickery.

H.L.s Take
The only chance the repbulicans have this year and in the presidential election, is more stolen elections. If they win any more big elections we will know why. Of course to this date the democrats STILL refuse to even acknowledge that this problem even exsists. Now why would that be. Oh yeah because its all one big club, thats why.

3 Responses to “11 of America’s worst places to cast a ballot (or try)”

  1. LA Says:

    This is a great place for you to vote Buck. Your vote will be flushed down the toilet. But then again, do you REALLy believe in a democratic process?


  2. Buck Says:

    Calling all cars…….Calling all cars…….Calling all cars………
    Be on the look out for stolen elections! The democratic vote farm election bank has been hit yet again by those dreded Republican outlaws. The election that the democrats lost fair and square was last seen in Republican hands. Be on the look out! The republicans are armed with the truth and considerd dangerous to democrats. These lost elections if found should be returned immediately to their rightfull owners the democrats. The democrats are owners of all elections. Even most elections like the ones they loose all the time….
    ALERT-ALERT-ALERT-ALERT…..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!! Buck out!!

  3. lmz90028 Says:

    Take a look at Bush v. Gore and see if it makes any sense to you. You seem to be an expert on such things, but I’m figuring you’ve never read it or bothered to learn about the laws its based upon. FYI its widely considered the worst Supreme Court decision ever written. Scholars have found some ways to justify the concurring opinion but the majority opinion is in a world of its own. Alert.