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Master of Disaster

Posted in Latest Comics, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 21st, 2006 10:30 pm by HL

News Item: Bush: Leaving Iraq now would be disaster

This is a 15 part comic


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17 Responses to “Master of Disaster”

  1. axmanzero Says:

    LOL, OH I love it. You’re my hero H.L.

  2. BjorntheBerzerker Says:

    Will we ever again see a president this colossally inept? Jeez, let’s hope not.

  3. Buck Says:

    Lets put it this way. Bush and I both know that there is a certain segment of our population that can not stomach war. They have alwayes been around. They have alwayes been a part of the enemies game plan and they alwayes will. The British no doubt miscalculated the number of people who did not want to be a part of England anymore. Then the miscalculations continued war after war. All the way up to the present. Osama thought there was enough antiwar populus in the USA that no return strike would come. Miscalculations by enemy leaders………………It is a damn shame…

  4. Al Ramirez Says:

    I think all you people are disgraceful Your disrespect for a person and the president of this country is shameful I Your are a bunch of liers I believe that you are the bastards that go and hastle the families of soliders at the soliders funeral. All of you GO TO HELL!

  5. HL Says:

    and once again another typical republican post. So Al in your opinion Bush does not deserve any disrespect, becuase he respects the soldiers and their families so much. Thats why he has never been to a military funeral. So you think that Bush should be respected for going against the will of the people that put him there. (oh yeah thats right the people did not put him there diebold did) So you believe that we are the type of people who whould hassle families of soldiers? As usual with these idiots its all about what they believe, never about what they know, because they don’t know s**t. Hey Al I believe you F**k your sister. Of course that don’t make it true but I believe it so there.

  6. lmz90028 Says:

    The people that go and hassle the families of soldiers at funerals are homophobes who believe that soldiers are dying because our country “harbors” gays. I guarantee you these people are more likely to vote REpublican than Democrat!

  7. Buck Says:

    H.L. ha ha ha ha Good line.. I think I would give my right nut to god if only the democratic party nominee would tell ALL people with hispanic names that very same thing. Man, you want to talk about nabbing that voteing block. Red States would go super dark red. Blue states would turn into the lighest blue color in the spectrum!

  8. LA Says:

    “Bush and I both know that there is a certain segment of our population that can not stomach war. They have alwayes been around. They have alwayes been a part of the enemies game plan and they alwayes will.”

    Go to war Buck! Do you need papers to sign up? I have some I can send you in a PDF file.

    You’re so full of it. People that oppose the war today were the same ones that supported war 3 years ago. So you must be so special that YOU still do. Give people credit for believing what they do.

    On the other hand, sometimes people learn and stop believing the lies. What’s your excuse? OBL? You better run, the terrorists are out to getcha!

  9. Buck Says:

    Yeah , you must be right. They probably just want to do lunch with us!

  10. LA Says:

    Israeli accents to boot!

  11. Buck Says:

    LA. You go to 7-11 Yes?

  12. LA Says:

    Nope, 7-Eleven in Tejas.

  13. Buck Says:

    You buy cigarett and key chain no?

  14. LA Says:

    Just lotto tix.

  15. Buck Says:

    You run from state department yes! You stay past time no! You meet Iranian contacts yes? Then hate Israel yes! You Hate america to yes? You buy gas station and sell lotto tix and key chains and cheap camaras yes!

  16. LA Says:

    I’ve got the papers for you Buck as my gas station charges you $3.25 per gallon. Such a great Republican deal.

    If you can’t sign the papers, then let’s get you enlisted with the Minutemen border militia. They like those gringos that are named Ramirez & Buck.

  17. Buck Says:

    The military has standards hot dog. They told me I party too much. Now, I will support war with Americas’s enemies wether Im in the military or not. I know what you feel about the war. I couldent disagree more. Right now I want to party more than I want to kill Iranian military forces. Lucky them. Understand yes????