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Video: George Galloway Rips Sky News about Its Coverage of Lebanon

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on August 17th, 2006 4:25 pm by HL

News Hounds

George Galloway, the controversial and fiery Member of the British Parliament, who once read the riot act to Sen. Norm Coleman during Senate hearings on the Oil for Food Progam, has done it again. On August 6th at the height of the war on Lebanon, Galloway tongue-lashed Sky News, the Murdoch-owned “sister station” of FOX News, accusing the network of biased unbalanced reporting. Both Sky News and FOX News are owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

16 Responses to “Video: George Galloway Rips Sky News about Its Coverage of Lebanon”

  1. Buzz Says:

    Ok so one mans opinion on the matter out weighs the 1000’s of opinions that see it exactly the opposite?? Is he right or are the other 1000’s of people right??

  2. Candymarl Says:

    I agree with some but not all that Galloway says. It’s not that his opinion matters more. It’s that if the west is to be an example he is allowed to air his opinion. No one has to agree. No one has to say he’s right. Isn’t that what true democracy is all about? I also agree wilth his criticism of some of the media. It’s obvious that much of the media is reporting what it’s told to report. The scorn and “gotcha” questions are obvious. Goebbels and Gehring would be pleased. Fascism is government and corporations collaborating to control what the populace sees and hears. Welcome to 1984.

  3. Kas Says:

    Bravo – I wish it could also be said here in the states without automatically being called antaijewish which I am fast becoming.

  4. stever Says:

    Wow, Oreilly would have never let him get that far,
    I found it refreshing to hear someone speak so well for the other side. seems like the American press interviewers never gets to his viewpoint. I find it to be accurate, heartfelt and truthfully the other half of a sad story we never hear all the sides of.

    As a father, a son and a brother My heart aches for ALL the children of the middle east , Jewish, Islamic, Christian or Atheist . My tears fall like rivers for the lives of so many intelligent loving people from All, sides who can not, will not see the folly of the blame and reprisal game they play.

    Difficult as it may be all parties need to find a representative who can listen and take responsibility for then to forget the past [no matter how painful that may be] and deal for the future. with a panel of mediators from neutral countries, Ice land, Cuba, Lichtenstein, Taiwan, Spain, Japan….these mediators would impose what they see as “fair rulings” where the parties representatives can not come to agreements or compromise.
    xtever. . .

  5. LA Says:

    Galloway’s opinion is right on target and the opinion of millions throughout the world. It’s only the dense headed Americans that don’t get it. It’s that simple.

  6. Buck Says:

    Yes! Us dense headed superpower people! How have we been so successfull?? Because of of our dense headedness! Yep! I mean landing on the moon was pure …..dense.
    NO, dense comes into play when news people dont cover where Hezzbollah launched them rockets from.

  7. Kas Says:

    Buck – the moon landing was almost 40 years ago and under a Democrat administration. Israel should be held responsible for all the needless damage it did in Lebanon and Hezzbollah should pay for the minor disruption of Israeli terrorist lives.

  8. Buck Says:

    Israel should be complimented for the necessary damage it did to hezzbollah in its self defense! The time is closing rapidly where the US NAVY and AIRFORCE will likley do more than disrupt Iran’s plans. All that talk about wiping out Israel. I have no doubt that our trident submarines are zipping back and forth like hungry great white sharks in the waters of the Indian Ocean ready to rub the Iranian puppydogs nose in his own dogsh*t

  9. LA Says:

    Israel is a pariah state and Buck should move there and serve in the IDF. You love war so much, then go fight it because you’re BS is getting old.


  10. Buck Says:

    Time is indeed on my side !

  11. Buzz Says:


    Galloway is not anywhere near the target. Israel was founded in a peacful manner and was attacked by several on it’s formation. The land taken was taken during self defense which is allowed under UN charter.

    I am not sure which point you think Galloway has correct.

    If you would like some good reading feel free to check this site out.

    Or choose not to and stay uninformed and in the dark.

  12. w lee Says:

    george galloway is nothing but a sad politician who makes it seem like he’s fighting for the oppressed and the voice of those people. he likes the attention from his comments but frankly his attitude and aggressiveness is appalling. you don’t need to shout, point fingers and call people fools whether you agree with them or not. you carry more political clout and respect, i believe, with calm dignified responses. just because you know a few facts, names, and maybe travelled out there, doesn’t give him the right to claim that he knows more about situations than others. although some of his points have merit. frankly he’s someone you’d rather avoid rather than have a conversation or discussion with, because he turns it into a forum for him to act like he’s the ‘saviour’ of the oppressed

  13. LA Says:

    F*ck Frontpage. It’s nothing but a zionist rag. If that’s where you get your information, no wonder you’re so lost.

  14. LA Says:


    Read the history and you’ll learn something. Your last post truly displays your ignorance and blindness. For starters, read “The Flowers of Galilee” by Israel Shamir. It will be hard reading for you since you’re in such denial of history and the FACTS.

  15. Hussein Says:

    Salam all,

    am a Jordanian (Jordan is a small country located in between Palestine and Iraq!), and around 60% of my countrie’s people are Palestinian refugees who fleed from Palestine (which you call israel) due to the massacers and terroresim of the israeli gangs. so to you people who deffend the “peacufll creation of israel”, i say if you really have the curiosity to know the truth about the middle east conflict, go to palestine, and check by your self how your media is missleading you when they say nothing about the real terror of the israeli stat, everyday at least 3 palestinians are killed (infants are included!) by the israeli occupation forces, no one ever speaks about them! it’s only when an israeli is killed your media starts speaking about enocent civilians! when your country is occupid, you’ll understand why the palestinians are fighting israel (i recomend that you watch “Breaveheart” and “The Patriot” and see whey is it impossible to live in peace with occupation)

  16. Buck Says:

    Hey Hussein. The United States has over 30 trident submarines that can deliver over 4000 nuclear warheads to any country on earth. The usa will never be occupied. So you can forget it!