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U.S Led Coalition Kills 10 Policemen in Afghanistan

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 17th, 2006 4:05 pm by HL

One more reason why it sucks to be in a war.

Mistaken coalition bombing kills up to 12 Afghan policemen

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AFP) – Up to 12 policemen were killed in Afghanistan when a US-led coalition plane mistakenly bombed them, officials said, while two suicide blasts wounded eight more police and a US soldier.
The coalition plane that dropped the bomb on a police patrol in eastern Paktika province may have mistaken the convoy for a band of Taliban attackers, provincial border police regiment commander Abdul Hamid said.
“They came under US bombardment and 12 policemen where killed, including the police commander,” Hamid said.
The coalition confirmed “an event did happen”. “It is under investigation. We are scrambling to get the details,” spokesman Colonel Thomas Collins said.
President Hamid Karzai said he was “shocked and angered” and had ordered an investigation. The incident was the latest in a string of coalition bombings that have killed civilians or Afghan security forces.
“I have repeatedly asked the coalition forces to take maximum caution while carrying out operations and I want that incidents like this must not be repeated,” Karzai said in a statement that put the death toll at 10.

H.L.s Take
The U.S. Military (Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush) Can’t defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan after 5 years, they can’t defeat the “insurgents” in Iraq after almost 4 years The U.S. spends half our tax dollars on the military, which amounts to more money then the budgets of most countries on this planet combined. Why can’t they finish what they started in these places. Oh, did I mention that the commander-in-chiefs name is George W. Bush. Karzai just learned what everyone learns who gets in bed with Bush, you always get screwed.

8 Responses to “U.S Led Coalition Kills 10 Policemen in Afghanistan”

  1. Buzz Says:

    Is the Taliban still in power in Afghanistan?? Oh they aren’t? Whew I thought I missed something there.

  2. (: Tom :) Says:

    Hmmmm…. are the Taliban still in power in Afghanistan? Or is it the Northern Alliance who are in charge of things outside of the Kabul bubble? Either way, thanks to the USA, theocracy is alive and flourishing in Afghanistan.

    I thought we were bringing democracy to foreign lands. Instead we let the religiously insane run the country. Oh well – at least we were able to build that pipeline the republican’ts wanted to before they stole the last two presidential elections…

  3. LA Says:

    Ooops! Those Israeli advisors are dropping the ball again. Bad intelligence.

  4. Buck Says:

    Are the two nations sanctuarys any more for Al qaida?
    sanc-tu-ary 2. a place of refuge or protection 3. immunity from punishment
    I will use it in a sentence example! The average american would do time for lying under oath, Bill Clinton however had SANCTUARY from prison.
    I wonder tater skins’ what would happen if that were not the case??? What if Bill Clinton was in the federal Pen in orange with numbers across his back? As well, here is a question any logical person can answer! Would it be easier or more difficult to plan attacks on the United States if our forces were not up ther ass? They would be unabated! unafraid! unaltered! unambigous! unanswerable! unanswered! unarrested! unashamed! unassailed! unattended! unbeaten! unboned! unbranded! unbreeched! unbruised! unburned! and uncontested!

    Plain and simple. The fight is to fight fore ever to preserve lifestyle. Short of blowing them all away with nukes that is the win. To pull out is to loose and give up…..and die!

  5. LA Says:

    buck ==> More delusions and delusions. What type of meds are you on?

  6. Buck Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That was a fact extravaganza LA. Just a genuine factorama. Are you not glad you were here to read it? Afghanistan to the right. Iraq to the left. I wonder what the Supreme sam-itch of Iran thinks about that? Them persian days are counting down. LA…..Can you here that? Israel will soon not have a Iran to worry about. That sound is time. The arch enemies of my country as they have declared themselves have not a BALL amoung them. That sound is Iran’s time. Amahdinijad has gone wack. They think that tomorrow August 22 the twelth camel’s ass is going to come down and save them. Hence all the Iranian wargames and missile launches. I think it will freak them out when it does not happen and they will try and STEP to us. We will see, they better not. Or you will be able to call it the day of the TRIDENT submarine. Do you know what Im saying??

  7. lmz90028 Says:

    And our idiot leader thinks there is some magical invisible being up in the sky directing his foreign policy decisions. He’s not free of religious beliefs that, if worded correctly (as you like to do when describing Islam), sound completely insane!

  8. LA Says:


    Read the second post on your “Afghan opium cultivation hits a record.” That may shed some light.

    I’m sure Iran is really shaking. The fact that you mentiioned 8/22 shows you believe everything your “objective” media sources tell you. The same sources that brought you the lies that you so dearly hold near your heart. You’re pathetically behind the learning curve.