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Employer advises Dumpster-diving for axed workers

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 16th, 2006 12:07 pm by HL

Here is a story of how Corporate America view the minions, trash, and scum who are unfortunate enough to have to work for them.

Employer advises Dumpster-diving for axed workers

NEW YORK – Bankrupt Northwest Airlines Corp. advised workers to fish in the trash for things they like or take their dates for a walk in the woods in a move to help workers facing the ax to save money…
The four-page booklet, “Preparing for a Financial Setback” contained suggestions such as shopping in thrift stores, taking “a date for a walk along the beach or in the woods” and not being “shy about pulling something you like out of the trash.”
H.L.s Take:
There was a time in this country where the middle class could make a decent living because corporate regulation forced companies to make modest profits, the companies (like the one my father worked for) did very well, and the employees were happy to be a part of that company. They would stay in the same job for 30 years or more because they knew the company was taking care of them.
Of course those days are long gone. Nowadays people are happy to have whatever kind of job they can get. They hate the jobs but can’t leave because they know that finding a better one will be nearly impossible. So they keep the job with less pay, less benefits and more abuse.
This has happened because corporate regulation is a thing of the past. Now companies want to make as much money as they possibly can lay their hands on, and screw the workers. There is always someone else who will take the job for even less. This is how the upper management views its employees, we’ll lay your ass off, if you get hungry go jump in the dumpster and eat the chicken bones I threw out last night. Screw them I say, screw them. (of course many people can not do that because they have a family to feed, and a mortgage to pay)
On a side note. I got a call on Monday from a big corporation that took over one of the companies that I used to work for. They had my resume and wanted to talk to me about it and set up an interview. The call came in at 3 PM while I was out. I called back at 4:00, and was treated to the usual voicemail. (No one in big companies that I have to deal with EVER answers the phone anymore) I left a message saying I was returning the call, and to please call back, as usual no return call. I called back the next morning around 9:30 to give the lady time to get settled in and get coffee check the email etc. Again no answer left a second message. Called back around 12:30, the lady must have thought it was someone else because she picked up the phone.
I was then informed by her that the job had already been filled. (Less then 24 hours after they wanted to interview me) saying “Hey a lot of people are looking for work these days.” On previous interviews I have been on that went extremely well they would say “Well we have another 8 candidates that we have to interview then we will make a decision. I call back a week later to be told “We have decided not to hire anyone right now” In other words they are going to make the other employees continue to work much overtime to make up for the lack of personnel. I swear I have heard this more then once. The companies have the workers by the balls, and they know it, so they feel free to treat potential (and actual) employees like crap. Is it any wonder that people who can afford to do so, don’t bother working anymore?

2 Responses to “Employer advises Dumpster-diving for axed workers”

  1. MN Headhunter Says:

    You may be interested in the advice given by the outside firm. I have the list in its entirety:
    Northwest Airlines List Of 101 Ways To Save Money

  2. HL Says:

    Thanks for the list.