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Tony?, What Happened??

Posted in Latest Comics, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 15th, 2006 3:00 pm by HL

This is a 5 part comic

Tony Blair on Vacation

See The Rest Of The Strip Here.

3 Responses to “Tony?, What Happened??”

  1. Martin Macarthur Says:

    I love any criticism of Bush and his cronies, their style, their hapless hypocritical ideas, and I have read many, many of them. I just think if you are going to draw a “comic” it should be comical, and this wasn’t funny. Many others you have done have been really amusing, but this one fell flat.

    Martin MacArthur

  2. HL Says:

    Thanks for the honest comments. Its hard for me to tell sometimes. Often the ones that I think are not that good are the ones that people really like. Also Idon’t usually get much feedback on the comics either way. After doing about 250 of them, it gets harder to come up with original ideas. I try not to repeat myself too much. Hope you like the next one better.

  3. Gil Fawkes Says:

    Pointed and concise. Unfortunately the last frame, dealing with cows and the prospect of sex with cows, is inaccurate. GWs weener is best suited for sheep therefore relegating GW the role of sheep rancher, and hence…

    You may want to correct your glaring mistakes in the future – we ARE keeping an eye on you.

    And Tony Blair is afraid of the water now that his lover Irwin has died of a manta attack. It was believed to be a terrorist manta, so there will be repercussions.


    p.s. please get your inaccurate story straight.