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Email: Benefit Reading for Seeds of Peace, in NYC

Posted in Email, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 11th, 2006 12:54 pm by HL

Time for another letter from our readersFrom: Leora Skolkin-Smith
In response to the current crisis in Israel, Palestine and Lebanon, a group of authors have organized a benefit reading, with donations and book sale profits to go to Seeds of Peace, a non-profit which brings together teenagers from conflict zones, especially the Middle East, to teach skills aimed at advancing reconciliation.

The reading will be held September 18th at McNally Robinson Booksellers,
50 Prince Street, New York.

Fifteen authors will read in all, and the current list includes
Robb Forman Dew, Masha Hamilton, Binnie Kirshenbaum and Leora Skolkin-Smith.

Grace Paley is helping organize the event, and Skolkin-Smith, whose novel, Edges: O Israel, O Palestine, was Published by Paley’s Glad Day Books, will serve as committee chair and MC. Sue O’Doherty, writer, and clinical psychologist in NYC, is head of The organizing committee.

Contact: Leora Skolkin-Smith , skolkin@nyc.rr.com
or Masha Hamilton, MashaHamil@aol.com
Sue O’Doherty, dr.sue@mindspring.com


H.L.s Responds
Hope the reading goes well. Wish I could be there as I haven’t been back to my hometown in a while now, but I have the Bartcop Vegas Pokerfest on the 16th and 17th. Catch you some other time.

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