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Karl Rove To Help Liebermans Independent Campaign

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 10th, 2006 11:24 am by HL

Joe you are a Whore’s Whore why don’t you just pack up your stuff leave now, and you can start your new job with AIPAC on Monday.

George Stephanopoulos: Can Karl help Joe?

ABC News
Joe Lieberman RepublicanAccording to a close Lieberman adviser, the President’s political guru, Karl Rove, has reached out to the Lieberman camp with a message straight from the Oval Office: “The boss wants to help. Whatever we can do, we will do.”
But in a year where even some Republican candidates are running away from the President on the campaign trail, does this offer have any value to Lieberman? Still smarting from all that coverage of “the kiss” at last year’s State of the Union, the Lieberman camp isn’t looking for an explicit endorsement. That could create more problems than it solves.

H.L.s Take
The story goes on to say that Rove may help Lieberman by not allowing the weak republican candidate on the ticket to be replaced, but wouldn’t that help Lamont. Lieberman will syphon more Republican votes then Democrat votes. Now that the Democrats that voted for Lieberman see what a punk he is, they will come back home and vote for Lamont.

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