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New Advertiser on The H.L. Russ Feingold

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on August 6th, 2006 8:52 am by HL

H.L. is proud to welcome our endorsee for the next President of The United States Russ Feingold. Russ is having a live online chat session that any one can sign up for, be in on, and ask questions. You can sign up to be in on the chat Here
Its August 11, at 2:00PM Eastern, 11:00AM Pacific.

Advertise on The H.L.

Advertise on The H.L.

I saw Russ speak live at UCLA law school earlier this year, he is the real deal. One of the few Senators to vote against the Iraq war in 2002, and against the renewal of The Patriot Act. Russ is a man of the people unlike most of the rest of congress. So sign up for the online chat, and see what he has to say. HLs Advertisers keep this site going so thanks to Russ for coming onboard.
H.L. with The Man

vote for Russ Feingold in the Democratic Primaries

19 Responses to “New Advertiser on The H.L. Russ Feingold”

  1. Buck Says:

    I dont think he can beat Hillary for the nomination. If he does, I think McCain can beat him very easily in the general election. Yep!!!!

  2. JANET jAMES Says:

    Do you really want a brown noser, i.e. Mc Cain as your president?

  3. Buzz Says:

    Sure coke or pepsi……and some on this site call me a robot. And they still vote democrat or republican.

    How disgusting!

  4. HL Says:

    Buzz, while it is true that there is not enough difference between most Democrats and Republicans, the reality is that no one from outside the two party system is going to win the election. And as long as money controls politics, that is not going to change, unless there is a revolution. In the meantime some candidates are better then others. For me Russ Feingold is that candidate. I will vote for him in the primary. However if I am not happy with my choice in the General Election, I will go third party.

  5. Buzz Says:

    Yeah HL nothing will change unless you try to change it. You have the perfect vehicle to talk about some of those other candidates.

    Yet all I see is hate hate hate republicans, some democrats are ok. Nothing ever about a third party anything. Maybe cut your bashing of republicans in half and devote the other half to playing up some independents or something.

    Anyone of these democrats or republicans will not change anything. It will take someone from the outside to get involved and see how corrupt it is before anything will be done.

    Your take on just voting for the lesser of the two evils does not wash and is no excuse.

  6. Buck Says:

    I have to work that day but H.L. maybe you can ask him! If he is elected prez, and dismantles National Missile defense what would he do if he found 10 North korean nuclear missiles flying at the United States. Im not talking about before the fact . Thats too easy. I want to know what a president Feigngold would do if he was alerted that 10 North Korean nuclear missiles were comming at his and the rest of our ass??? Could he lick them down??I hope his defense plan consists of something orther than put our head between our legs and kiss our ass goodbye or cuzz will get VOTED AGAINST !

  7. paddy Says:

    Russ says you can’t deport millions of illegals!! I believe if you start throwing the big jerks that hire them the illegal aliens will leave on thier own.. It seems that Russ Feingold wants the illegals perhaps as a new voting block. My question is; will he cater to them or the people that have always voted for (his base) him? Illegal aliens will only lower our wages.

  8. Buzz Says:

    The funny thing is that immigrants don’t vote. The studies support that fact. These political groups would cater to the f**king man from mars if he landed and they thought they could get a vote out of him.

  9. HL Says:

    Buck, once again Missle Defense, or “Star Wars” as they used to call it does not work. It does not work now, nor had it ever worked. We have wasted millions, if not billions on it. Why are republicans always wasting money on things that involve the defense industry that don’t work. War, and missle defense, a lot of our tax money wasted so some fat cats can get Rich. Maybe thats why he is agaisnt it.

  10. HL Says:

    I don’t see Russ as the lesser of two evils. I beleive that he will make a great President. You are correct that I could talk about third party candidates more, and maybe I will. But anyone that can’t pull more then 4 per cent of the vote is hardly worth mentioning. Like I said, as long as money rules politics, nothing I or anyone else says is going to change things,. but I see what you are saying.

  11. Todd Telford Says:

    Dear Russ,


    In every state with a Republican Governor we must DEMAND, legally, audibly, and visually, that the practices which tilted the Ohio and Florida votes in the past WILL NOT BE ALLOWED and violators of each state’s rules WILL BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. Charges on that issue are already pending in Ohio. Let’s see if that works its way up to Ken Blackwell or even Karl Rove. Again, we need to demand that the number of polling booths and number of precincts NEED TO BE DISCLOSED at least 30 days before both the primaries and the Nov. 06 mid-term elections. At the same time, the list of former felons to be excluded from the voters rolls need to be presented so those wrongly categorized in this group – Democrats, of course – will not be faced with using a provisional ballot which by law may never be counted.


    We can diffuse MOST TRICKS noted in RFK Jr.’s article in the Rolling Stone by forcing Sec. of States from deciding everything in private. We need to pave the way for bringing a level of scrutiny to the complete voting process that can give us confidence in its results.

    How? First, we contact all Secretaries of States overseeing elections under a Democratic governor. Pick out every dirty trick found in RFK Jr.’s article that can be diffused by full disclosure in advance of all details. Have each of the above Secretaries of State post links to that information.

    Second, we initiate a small but persistent Direct Target Protesting campaign on the street corners leading to the offices of Secretaries of States under a Republican governor. Apply the concept of miniprotesting: using small groups of five or less on successive street corners in what I call “protest strings.” This way protest groups make the best use of their numbers and reinforce their message many times over to vehicle occupants that pass by their miniprotests.

    And our Direct Target will be these Republican-controlled Secretaries of State and their office staff.

  12. HL Says:

    I am submitting your question (in abbreviated form) to Russ.
    Great question thanks.

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