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Heavy equipment used to bury the dead

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on August 2nd, 2006 10:06 am by HL

Heavy equipment used to bury the dead

Israel strikes lebanon againBAALBEK, Lebanon – People in a village outside this Hezbollah stronghold used a front-end loader’s scoop to carry away some of the dead Wednesday after a night of Israeli airstrikes and a commando raid inside Baalbek that residents said killed at least 15 civilians.
It was the deepest thrust into Lebanon by Israeli troops since fighting broke out between Israel and Hezbollah on July 12. Israel said its soldiers killed at least 10 Hezbollah guerrillas and captured five.
The village’s dead were shrouded in white cloth and carried to the cemetery in the bucket of a yellow front-end loader. The mayor, Hussein Jamaleddin, lost his son, brother and five other relatives. He broke down crying and pulled at the limbs of the dead hanging out of the scoop.

10 Responses to “Heavy equipment used to bury the dead”

  1. LA Says:

    This must be a dream come true for some posters that I’ve seen on this blog before. Israel and zionists are the most dispicable humans that have walked this planet. There is no morality and shame in that alien culture. To bomb Lebanon with impunity, killing babies, children, elderly people, and everything in the way is a war crime. If you support that you have become on of them.


  2. Buzz Says:

    Wow almost like Hezballah wrote this themselves. Do you think those people would be dead if the soldiers that were kidnapped had been returned? Do you think Hezballah cares that innocents are being slaughtered because of something they did??

    No they don’t because look at all the world wide attention the situation is getting now. Look how bad Isreal looks for striking back.

    The fact is the countries that surround Isreal don’t want peace. They want the excuse for homicide. All so people like you can blame Isreal for handling the situation the way they handle it.

  3. LA Says:

    “Kidnapped” is whay you say. According to many international news reports they were captured in Lebanon.

    Do you think the invasion was the result of captured soldiers? Coincidently the same thing happened in Gaza. If you believe that, you are very easy to convince.

    Isreal looks the way they do because their attack is unacceptable. They violate every rule of law in this world. The USA is complicit as well.

    Israel has rejected nearly EVERY overture for peace in the Middle East and is hardly a trustworthy partner for peace.


  4. Buzz Says:

    You don’t have one statement in that whole rant that has fact to back it up. Hezz already admitted in many news reports THEY came over the border to kidnap the soldiers. Where have you been?? Israel is the most civilized nation out of the bunch of them. Every time they have withdrawn as an overture of peace they have been attacked.

    Take both hands away from the keyboard, reach down and grab your ears and pull real hard. That pop you heard was your head coming out of your ass.

    Welcome to reality.

  5. LA Says:

    What have you backed up? Your drivel is canned and predictable.

    “Israel is the most civilized nation out of the bunch of them.” Do you have anything else stupid to say? If it’s so, then go live there!

    You must be having a BAD DAY learning about reality. If you haven’t learned by now, you’ll never learn.


  6. Buzz Says:


    The short bus is leaving you best run along and see if you can catch it.

  7. Buzz Says:

    The government of Israel is the only one in the Middle East that is elected by free citizens — including Arabs and Muslims: Israel is a free, Western country, which recognizes the individual rights of its citizens (such as their right to liberty and freedom of speech). It uses military force only in self-defense. The enemies of Israel, by contrast, are state sponsored terrorist organizations and dictatorships. They do not recognize the individual rights of their own subjects, much less those of the citizens of Israel. They initiate force indiscriminately in order to retain and expand their power.

    Israel’s achievements are vast and have no parallel in any other country of comparable size or age. They have been reached against an unremitting threat of violence, war, terror and delegitimation that might have defeated any lesser people. In almost every sphere – economic development, technology, integration of immigrants and the maintenance of democracy – Israel should today be internationally heralded as a model for others to emulate.

    Above all, Israel has pursued peace. In a mere 10 years it made a cognitive leap for which it would be hard to find a precedent. The “peace process” whose main watchword is “territories for peace”, involves a paradox whereby a minuscule democracy is being forced to provide its totalitarian enemies – scores of times its size – the only thing it lacks: territory. In exchange, the surrounding tyrannies are being asked to provide the one and only thing that they lack: peace. In 1990 Arafat’s PLO was a proscribed terrorist organization.

    By 2000 the Israeli prime minister had offered a Palestinian state in the whole of Gaza and 97 per cent of the West Bank, with east Jerusalem as its capital. The Palestinian terrorist regime turned this down and started the present terror war targeting Israeli civilians. The Palestinian terrorist regime does not want a Palestinian state by the side of Israel but one replacing Israel and the destruction of her free society.

    The case for Israel should be apparent even to thoroughgoing supporters of the Palestinians. Who else has offered them a genuine future? Egypt? Jordan? Syria? Lebanon? The Gulf States? It takes only a cursory glance at the history of the Middle East to realize that for the most part, neighboring states have ruthlessly exploited the Palestinians for their own ends with callous indifference to the consequences. Israel, alone in the Middle East, has attempted to construct, with and for the Palestinians, a viable and peaceful future – and a Palestinian state.

  8. HL Says:

    “It uses Military force in self defense.” So bulldozing the homes of Palestinians is self defense?
    So killing 60 innocent Lebanese when no Israelis were killed is self defense???

  9. Buzz Says:

    When were no Israeli’s killed?? Why isn’t bulldozing a home that has been used as weapons storage or the home of a suicide bomber a thing to do?

    They do that with homes in America when drugs are sold out of them. It is called a deterrent, something done to try to keep it from happening again.

    Do you think that people who blow themselves up in pizza parlors and discos should not have there families homes bulldozed?? I don’t believe pizza parlors and discos are legitimate military targets.

    What would you consider just punishment??

    And yes 60 civilian deaths is a terrible thing. The difference is that it was an accident and not intended. If they were targeting civilians like Hezzbollah is the numbers would be 25 thousand plus.

    HL do you not see the difference between the state of Israel and the group Hezzbollah??

  10. Buck Says:

    Some people think that any body that hates Bush is cool. Sean penn. Cool. Murtha cool. Hugo Chavez Cool. Cindy Sheehan. Cool. Ahamadinijad .cool. Hezzbollah cool. ……………….Israel likes and agrees with Bush so that means Israel is not cool.
    That is the difference I think. Hezzbollah dont like Bush, so dont point out their flaws. Israel does so BAD BAD BAD Israel all the time. Bad Texas, Bad Israel, Bad Netenyahu, Bad pentagon, Bad bad bad American soldiers all the time.