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New Advertiser: The Rigged Game by John Hively.

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on August 1st, 2006 4:39 pm by HL

H.L. is happy to announce a new advertiser, It is The Rigged Game A new book by John Hively.

Advertise on The H.L.

“Using statistics from the Commerce Department and other sources, and beginning with the Great Depression, Hively traces how recessions begin, how corporations and financial markets are interconnected and describes the consequences of current distribution of wealth and income practices…. Clarifying how the economy actually functions (which is radically different than what we have been led to believe), and through the subject of financial markets, globalization, big corporations and CEO millionaires, Hively is able to show that as these trends continue to unfold, the wealthiest are accumulating ever-increasing riches, and warns that this growing income gap will prove to be destabilizing factor.”

John Hively studied economics at the University of Tennessee and has been a freelance writer for Business Journal.

H.L.s Advertisers keep this site going so Check out the site and get this important new book. Thank You

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