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NY Times Endorses Ned Lamont in Connecticut Primary

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on July 30th, 2006 9:34 am by HL

Heeey The New York Times finally gets one right. They are backing the guy who is against the war that they helped start, by having their Bush shill Judith Miller lie, lie, lie about WMD’s About time you did something to help stop the tens of thousands of deaths you are partially responsible for.

A Senate Race in Connecticut

NY Times
Earlier this year, Senator Joseph Lieberman’s seat seemed so secure that — legend has it — some people at the Republican nominating convention in Connecticut started making bleating noises when the party picked a presumed sacrificial lamb to run against the three-term senator, who has been a fixture in Connecticut politics for more than 35 years.

But Mr. Lieberman is now in a tough Democratic primary against a little-known challenger, Ned Lamont. The race has taken on a national character. Mr. Lieberman’s friends see it as an attempt by hysterical antiwar bloggers to oust a giant of the Senate for the crime of bipartisanship. Lamont backers — most of whom seem more passionate about being Lieberman opponents — say that as one of the staunchest supporters of the Iraq war, Mr. Lieberman has betrayed his party by cozying up to President Bush….
But this race is not about résumés. The United States is at a critical point in its history, and Mr. Lieberman has chosen a controversial role to play. The voters in Connecticut will have to judge whether it is the right one….
And there is a reason that while other Democrats supported the war, he has become the only target. In his effort to appear above the partisan fray, he has become one of the Bush administration’s most useful allies as the president tries to turn the war on terror into an excuse for radical changes in how this country operates….
H.L.s Take:
This assault on pro-war democratic candidates by Anti-War Democrats will not be the last.
If Lieberman loses his primary it will be sending a message to other democrats who support the war. (I’m looking at you Hilary) That if you don’t start acting like a democrat, they you can go join the GOP. I read a story the other day that said the only reason Bill Clinton campainged for Lieberman is becuase it would cost him republican votes. Many Rebublicans like Lieberman (and why not) and would have voted for him, but now they won’t because they could NEVER vote for someone that Bill Clinton was for. Great work Bill. He’s a political genius

One Response to “NY Times Endorses Ned Lamont in Connecticut Primary”

  1. Paul Matthews Says:

    When the word gets out about Neds “friends”, the tide will change. It will not be now, but later.
    As the expression goes, “What goes around, comes around”!