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Videos: Lou Dobbs Slams Bush on Signing Statements….Joe Lieberman’s Greatest Hits….Israel Using Phosporous on Lebanon

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on July 25th, 2006 4:04 pm by HL

Lou Dobbs Slams Bush on Signing Statements

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Joe Lieberman’s Greatest Hits

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CNN International

GRAPHIC VIDEO – Lebanese Doctor Says ‘Phosphorus Weapons’ Cause Suffering Click Here.

19 Responses to “Videos: Lou Dobbs Slams Bush on Signing Statements….Joe Lieberman’s Greatest Hits….Israel Using Phosporous on Lebanon”

  1. Buck Says:

    Yeah, Israel put it to some ass. They might have got Abbu punk ass Jaffar with phospherous.

    another one bites the dust!
    bump..bump.. bump.
    another one bites the dust
    and another ones gone, another ones gone!
    another one bites the dust!
    Hey Osama, gonna get you to
    another one bites the Dust…
    another one bites the dust
    hey hey
    another one bites the dust………….
    Ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh.

    I wonder if Hezzbollah commander Abbu Jaffar is in radical Islam heaven now? I wonder if he got his prize of 72 virgins? Something tells me no. I think more than likely he is in hell. Getting passed around and gang raped by 72 demons is more like it. Eternity is a long time to stay bent over.

  2. (: Tom :) Says:

    Eternity is a long time to stay bent over.

    Perhaps you could ask Cheney and Putsch when you’re all down there together…

  3. HL Says:

    Another one bites the dust. Great song. Saw Queen do that live at Madison Square Garden in New York way back in 1980. Great Concert.

  4. Buck Says:

    Red Ink Tom. Dont talk like you aint gonna be down there with Us!!

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Dude, everones hell is gonna be what they hate. For Abbu Jaffar im sure its 72 deamons rippin’ away. For H.L. its gonna be a four room cell with the sides covered by eternal pictures of Bill O’ Riley, Ken Lay, Rush Limbaugh, and Karl Rove. The floor will have a eternal picture of George S. Patton, Zell Miller, and Joe Lieberman. The celing will have one huge picture of the 43rd prez smiling and blinking his beady eyes away. For you Red Ink Tom, it will be eternity without an italics feature for your computer. For me its gonna be a weekly tax raise for all eternity. I mean, one of my heros George Patton is no doubt going through hell not having a enemy nations army to destroy. ….Yall quit laughing and think about it.

  5. (: Tom :) Says:

    Sorry – I’d have to drink that Reich wingnut kool-aid, buckaroo, in order to hallucinate to that level like you’re doing. Have you ever considered professional therapy? Perhaps you should…

    And for the ignorant fire trucks in the audience, the red ink means that there’s a web site that has my words on it that you could click on. Unlike some chickenshit chickenhawks I could name who troll liberal coments sections and spew Republican’t lies. And unlike Red Ink Ray-Gun, the original clueless wonder that got installed in the White House by Republican’t election fraud.

  6. Buck Says:

    Or you could simply put Hi Im red ink Tom, and hop over to my dumbass websight.
    Are you trying to “Reich, Pustch, and Republicant us all to death hoss? 8 years of Lord Clinton, and Queen Hillary pushed many a AWM to the brink. You want to talk about therapy? Man this is some therapy. Why in the hell would I want to blog on a conservative websight? Where is the drama in that? Chicken hawk?? Pick yourself up something for them dovemites. And there is not a lie I said on here.

  7. (: Tom :) Says:

    Wow? A massive case of projection from a lying Putsch fellator. I guess it’s nothing new, so why should anyone be surprised?

    The Clenis fixation and the projection of royalty are particularly amusing from this Reich wing traitor, since the Republican’ts are the ones who refuse to allow anyone to even question their never-elected dunsel in chief. Yeah – everyone always subjects their royalty to a 5 1/2 year fishing expedition into their lives for no reason at all, as the Republican’ts did to the Clintons. Funny how the neither the Chimperor, nor his cheneying resident vice, are never forced to state their lying Republican’t propaganda under oath – while the first couple this piece of trailer trash claims was treated like royalty in america had to endure over 70 million dollars worth of taxpayer harrassment by the Republican’t hypocrites in congress at the time.

    Go Buck yourself, you embarrassment to bikers everywhere. And there is no truth in any of the Reich wing Republican’t propaganda you have spewed on this website. And nothing but kindergarten insults in what you moronically think to be comments on mine. Get out of the basement a little more, chickenshit chickenhawk. I think your mommy’s calling…

  8. Buck Says:

    You have a case of the hybrid puss that is beyond measure. Can-o You-o write-o with-o some-o better-o clarity-o.? I feel like Im blogging with a cling-on from Star Trek. Hey Yellow Ink Tom. Numpkkhh yhat Putcht Pustch! yhat Reich, Putcxh republican’t yhat! Munnmmph Yheean putch reich Republicant Nyet ! fellator yak yak yak republicant Reich . taxacrats Munnnmph Pussatator Buttsisters positor no nyet??? Can you understand that any better. Some one throw yellow ink Tom A life line!! ….Quick…………Buck the Merciful out..

  9. (: Tom :) Says:

    Hahahaha! The Repugnican’t Putsch fellator thinks he is blogging! And then starts speaking in tongues like the religiously insane Republican’t worshipper he is.

    You have a case of Reich wingnut chickenhawk. Better get mommy to take care of it for you.

    I have always understood that you are a miserable idiotic waste of human flesh who thinks he can bully others and lie without getting called on it. Guess what, yellow stain Republican’t (but I repeat myself)? You’re just making you and your fellow traitors looks bad.

    Maybe your mom can help you with all the big words, so you can understand what is being said about you. Until then it would probably be better if you just stopped making even more of a fool of yourself with your childish attempts at comebacks.

  10. Buck Says:

    What does the yellow ink mean? That I have hoped on your pussified websight? Could it mean that you are antiwar puss yellow? Yes that is what I think it means. How many times can you use the words Putch, fellator, reich, and Republicant in one sentence? Show me something you quack. If only I was there I could throw you some dead minnows to eat. Then you could stand up on your flippers do another trick and bark bark bark for some more. Go back in your cage you communist wanna be, I know what the hell Im doing. And I muuuuuuuuuuust be doing something right. Aint no one homeslice gonna bust on here and spoil my fun. If H.l. wants to shut me down he will do so. You seem like you got a little anger in you Yellow T. good, I like that. I LIKES THAT!!!! Because I got anger from hell in me watermelon. Why, because I think turd shits like you make our nation look weak to enemy nations. Hence thats why I think they attack us and our interests. Hence guess who I blame for that? It would be the bow to the enemy idiots ……….like yourself. So man stop picking the shroons, because the effects are surely showing. Putch reich Republicant Nyet! Yellow reich fellator . pussacrats reich republicant nyet. How Reich your nyet favorite Putch sexual Monica Lewenskie position ?? Fellator putch pussatator need to get knee pads to Putch reich the knees from taxacrat hummmph swelling. antiwar puss ittis Democrat reich.

    Do you hear me? Buck the merciful out………………………again.

  11. (: Tom :) Says:

    So many things wrong, so little time. Better tell Mom to check your spelling before you blog some more, chickenshit chickenhawk.

    So you hoped on my website (as opposed to hopped) on my website. Not bad for biker wannabe trailer trash.

    You claim to think. Yet another lie from yet another Putsch fellating Republican’t traitor.

    I wonder if the irony of crying like a little girl about my use of certain words, while continuing to gibber uncomprehensably about puss (as opposed to pus which is probably what buck the boy blower means), has sunk in yet at redneck central? Maybe your mommy can explain it to you…

    If you were here you could cry like the little girl you are after getting smacked down for your traitorous bullshit. Glad you think wetting your pants like the coward you are is doing something right. I think cowards like you are what makes our nation look silly in the eyes of the rest of the world. So keep on jumping up and down and speaking in tongues, traitor. You’ll eventually get what you deserve – a long walk off a short pier.

    All I hear is a whiny ass titty baby crying yet again because he can’t play with the big boys. Maybe if you took the Chimperor’s dick out of your mouth once in a while, you would be able to say something that could be understood outside of your pea brain. And if you went to school one of these days and got some book learnin’, maybe the traitorous hypocrisy coming out of your vacuous pie hole would almost make sense. AWERwohso sfljasepw, dtjtrkk rr30ls!!

    Buh bye, buck you ignorant redneck. If you weren’t such a sad sack of Reich wing bullshit, I might actually feel sorry for you…

  12. (: Tom :) Says:

    bold off! I hope…

  13. Buck Says:

    Just keep on lettin’ Hillary eat your pussy, and time will tell. Ya know? I get my wife to vote for Bush. If you were here I could make you my bitch. I would bitch slap your poor ass ! It is a goddam shame we cant meet up some where. and Im not joking. Would you like to take this further? Or are you just resided in the safty net of your silicone diode?? name your puss place and time refugee!!

  14. (: Tom :) Says:

    And now we get to the threats of violence that incompetent Republican’t resort to when they lose the argument. Such a macho man to want to beat up those that run rings around him logically!

    As I stated from the beginning, I was hoping to engage in some sort of rational dialogue, as opposed to childish insults. When Putsch whores start in with the immature crap, hopefully now they might realize that there are those of us who won’t let you get away with it any more. And then all those ditto monkeys can do is stand there with their fists clenched, and try to pick a fight. So’s to distract from their miserable failure in the debate.

    It is my wish to have people like you scorned for enabling Drinky McDumbAss to wreak so much havoc on the U.S.: to rob our great-grandchildren’s future with their insane tax giveaways to the uber-rich; to spill our youth’s blood half way around the world so he can get the oil money to stuff in Republican’t pockets; and (among so many other things that novels could be written about them) to oppress and diminish the average american (even the ones following him in lockstep, like the trailer trash who hasn’t really made one valid point about the topics discussed in the original post) so his uber-rich “friends” can get uber-richer. Like, how even Lou Dobbs is concerned about all of the pResidential signing statements, and the Israelis are using weapons outlawed by the Geneva conventions. No, you start dancing on all those graves because they’re not even human to you.

    And then you talk about demeaning, dominating and bullying your wife, as you have alluded to in your last comment here. Somehow I wonder if your word could even be trusted if someone was not joking like you and wanted to call your chickenshit chickenhawk yellow-bellied ass out on all your bluster. This is the theofascist mindset in all its’ glory, people – and they’ve proven that they’ll fight dirty every time. How to best deal with the threat of physical violence from your fellow countrymen? Especially when it is quite apparent that this is a member of the Annthraxx Coulterbeast SturmTrooper division of the Reich wingnut, and all he has is his fists and his blather.

    How exactly do you handle the drunken asshole who has stayed too long and is spoiling for a fight? And why does the phrase drunken cokeheaded deserter sound familiar? Is this the Dunsel in Thief? You know you’re in your sixties now…

  15. (: Tom :) Says:

    Hear me now and listen to me later – girly man!

    Buck off or I shall taunt you a further time!

  16. Buck Says:

    So you are resided. Im glad that is out of the way. It is good enough to know your scared of me. Now you can babble all you want and I will be still gratified by the knowledge that has gone out through the netway. Call me ??? bluffing??? Is there any body tougher in your family? ?? I said I get my wife to vote for Bush. That means I get 4 years to convince her. We go into the booth together and she does it on her own. Her Dad is a deacon church going type, and they all vote republican anyway. I vote republican for no orther reason than because I dont like antiwar pussies. I dont see you wining any arguement here. In fact , using the words Putch, fellator, Republicant, and reich over and over and over again a thousand goddam times makes you look very limited. So plug the twat, Or your mouth rather. I been meaning to ask you. Where is your mama hiding? She ran at Tora Bora. She has been chased from lebanon into syria. She makes stupid tapes all the time. She is upset because we killed all your orther mamas Udday, Qusay, Zarqalwi, and now your hezzbollah mama Abbu Jaffar. Yellow t. Man, you got alot of dead mamas.

    So yellow T. while your doing shroons Im gonna smoke a hog-leg. Then Im gonna drink some budweisers and take me a MOTERCYCLE ride. That will be relaxing. Then I will come back and continue the onslought of yellow ink Tom. Try to get out of the projects more often, it might help. Im still waiting on that place and time Yellow T. My middle fingers are defenitly skyward to you.

    Oh, and you have attacked me first. You just dont like my comments on the issues. Instead of rebutting the comments you attack me personaly, well hot damn. “reich” and all that shit. Well you better be able to take it as much as you can give it because I can go untill hell freezes over. Guard that twat now! Smell ya later!!

    Buck the merciful out…………………………………………………..yet again.

  17. Buck Says:

    Oh, and you say no valid points were made. I started this shin-dig off with a valid point about phospherus. That was one of the topics I recall. Then you attack me personally. What goes around comes around.

  18. (: Tom :) Says:

    And I still say that no valid points were made. You would have to be a true blockhead to think that singing “Another One Bites The Dust” over civilians killed by the Israelis, and then you talk about some superstitious nonsense and weird occult pagan rituals. The only point I can make out there is that – sorry to repeat myself, but maybe one day it will sink in – you sound like a typical chickenshit chickenhawk, and you think you are actually making some sort of argument. It’s the same tired old ditto monkey kimchee that Rush has been peddling since the eighties. Go ride your Big Wheel down the sidewalk, Republican’t puke. And you can pee your pants thinking about how scared I am of you if that’s how it swirls into your vacuous melon.

    Hard to go anywhere when your logic can’t even get you out of the basement. Nice to see you can’t even begin to discuss any of the issues at hand, nor answer anyone else’s questions, or justify your own statements – you’re too busy trying to tell everyone else what to do. Same as it ever was. What was that point of yours again? Oh you’re confused when the big words show up, and you like to call others cowards, and you like to blog here at somebody else’s website on somebody else’s dime. Yawn.

    I choose to finish the continuity, and my comments to this post with a final classical taunting: your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries! Get one of the big kids to explain it to you one day.

    And with Buck (as always) scoring absolutely nil, we’re going to suddenly stop the game.

  19. Buck Says:

    You got finished about ten scrolls back, and they have a tip line to report where your mama is if you want to shit that 25 million dollars away. Just pick up the phone and put it to your mouth like a bone. I know you know how to do that. They might take you in for questioning, if your not already registerd with your local sex offender office. How many times have you logged on the faggo……excuse me…….the men seeking men websight. Got to try to be somewhat politically correct I guess……Buck out..