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Videos: RFK Jr. and Brad Friedman on Court TV, Pat Buchanan Slams Neocons, Sam Brownback Lost His Mind.

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on July 21st, 2006 8:21 am by HL

RFK Jr. and Brad Freidman of Bradblog on Caterine Crier on Court TV

Diebold is taking a hold everywhere, The Election fix is already in.

RFK Jr. and Brad Friedman on CNN

VIDEO – Matthews, Buchanan slam neocons for Mideast ‘warmongering’

MATTHEWS: Let’s go through the politics of this situation. The neocons are out there complaining that this president isn’t tough enough. I have no idea what they mean. Fifty-thousand dead in Iraq. It was supposed to be a cakewalk. Ken Adleman is out there today saying we should go other places. You got guys like Ledeen who want to blow up every Arab country on the list. What is going on in their complaint and why is the president paying 5 seconds of attention to them?

BUCHANAN: I don’t know why he pays attention to them, Chris. What they want, Chris, is a wider war. Especially in the Middle East. They want The United State to fight Israel’s war against Hezbollah, Syria and especially Iran. And the Israelis want us to fight Iran as well. But it’s not in the interest of The United States. None of those countries, even Hezbollah and Hamas, have no attacked The United States of America. I don’t think the country is listening to the neocons anymore. I think their discredited. The question is, “Is Bush listening to them.” Because he was going for a while, up to his second Inaugural, very much according to a script they wrote.

Sam Brownback Has Lost His Mind

You Tube

Kansas Senator Sam Brownback

7 Responses to “Videos: RFK Jr. and Brad Friedman on Court TV, Pat Buchanan Slams Neocons, Sam Brownback Lost His Mind.”

  1. LA Says:

    Patrick Buchanan is one of the few US political figures that has it right. He’s been saying the neocons are out of control in Washington and leading the USA over the edge into the abyss. We need more politicians that have the balls (cojones) to state the truth and take the risks that go with it. Even so, I thought that he was guarded and chose his words very carefully. Yet he delivered an accurate message.


  2. HL Says:

    notice how non of the “Cons” on the board have responded to these videos. Especially the Buchanan video, This guy was a speech writer for Nixon, so he’s been on the right for the past 35 years. If he is saying these things, whos going to argue?

  3. Buck Says:

    Patrick Buchanon is a chump change ex-republican who the democrats are afraid to let into their party. He failed all the party try-outs. He was ounce a “con” himself. He is now like an uglier Bill Clinton. Poll driven, and all over the board. He now has the wet finger itch. That is like alot of the modern democratic leadership. Go figure!

  4. Buchanan for president 2006 Says:


  5. LA Says:


    Buchanan’s a Libertarian and conservative. Why do you call him “chump change ex-republican?” What do you mean “he’s all over the board?”

    The issue isn’t what YOU think of him, it’s what he said on Hardball. Do you argue what he said is not true?


  6. Anonymous Says:

    The issue is not what he said on hard ball. The issue is who he perceives as neo cons. Where does the NEO crap come from? The people who orchestrated the Iraqi part of the war on terror are just plain conservative not NEO anything. Adof Hitler was a NEO Nazi. He came to power by promising to make the upper classes pay up and give the socialist workers better pay if they put him in power. Big time regulation, and he spread around the wealth. If there is anything NEO around here its the be jealous of someone whos got more than you policies.

    NEO liberal policies. All over the board you ask? Thats when you try to appease conservatives and join their party. That is when you try to be an independant and get rejected by the 2% support you thought you had. That is when you side with democrats on the war? Where does that put him?? ALL OVER THE BOARD

  7. Buck Says:

    Oh, yeah…..and I guess you will be voting for Pat Buchanon in O8. Do me a favor, and get as many neo-libs as you can to vote the same way. …..McCAIN in 08……..