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Clinton/Bush Median Household Income Change Chart.

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on July 21st, 2006 7:53 am by HL

Bush and Clinton median income comparison

12 Responses to “Clinton/Bush Median Household Income Change Chart.”

  1. Buck Says:

    I lived in Nashville for a couple years working a job. While there I became a victim of Clinton’s emmission regulations. It was already tough makeing the payments on my car. The used car however did not meet the emmision standards and I could not get the inspection. It did not smoke but still did not meet the Metropolis standards. It needed some kind of sumbitchin’ modification that I could not afford. Clinton, and all you enviromentalists to put it bluntly f**ked me. I had to quit my supervisor job at opryland. It was just as well. I had been lied to. I was on the lower end of the income bracket but my taxes shot up like we were all still part of the colonies. Like England still ruled or something. High taxation, environmental regulation, mounting frustration, voting for republicans without hesitation, doing my part to save a nation. Hell with lower taxes I can take me a vacation. Damn, that kinda sounded good did it not???Buck out!!!

  2. lmz90028 Says:

    The chart would indicate that for most people, their lower taxes are made up for by lower income. Now that “extra” money you used to pay in taxes rests firmly in the pockets of the top percentiles, instead of going to government services. I don’t think it’s a positive trade-off.

    I would imagine those Nashville regulations are still in place, since that comes from the state government and had nothing to do with having Clinton or Bush in the White House. And being from Los Angeles, land of smog…believe me, you want those regulations!

  3. LA Says:


    You should have steped up and bought another car. Besides I don’t think I’m anymore prosperous that I was in the 90’s under Clinton. Consider the numbers then, we had an economic surplus, today, we’re trillions in the red. Do you think that no one is going to pay that back? Or do we just go bankrupt? The USA owes more than it produces. Ever try to call your phone company and get routed to India? Try calling Microsoft, IBM, HP and you’ll be greeted by a nice agent in India. But I suppose that that’s okay because you pay less taxes? It’s the sign of the times and Americans are being pushe down the economic ladder. I remember just 7 years ago when I’d look in the job section of my local Sunday paper and there were 20-30 pages of job ads. Now, if you have 10-12 pages, that a good day.

    Since you have more tax dollars to spend, is your life that much better? Are you creating more jobs with that money? I hope you have a better car by now!


  4. Buck Says:

    Am I creating more jobs with that money? My god, I can not belive you ask that. Would you like to come over and help me with what Im going to pick out to wear tomorrow. At what time should I brush my teeth? True to the blue, tied like glue, the communist tendencies are no doubt shining through. Damn people, I dont understand you. LA what if I want to wipe my ass with my money? Do you understand where Im comming from?? You people got a ridiculus mind set. America is a pool. A swimming pool dog. Free peoples can swim in the deep end. I can swim in this conservative competitive economy. My wages have gone up every year since Bush took office. You out work the orther sumbitch for the same wage! Then you are the one who ends up with the raises. Ill be doing what ever the hell I want with my money Hoss. Skid row could use your closed out bank account. There is a bunch of rats that are still happy to have their asses. They know I wont be needing any of them to donate to the situation! Buck out!!

  5. Buck Says:

    Oh yeah the state bullsh#t you refered to. That was only because the federal goverment under Clinton was going to deny highway and road assistance to any state government that did not adopt the new strict and ridiculus standards. Wala!!!

    Clinton f**ked me…

  6. LA Says:


    Obvouisly, you’re world is about “me” “me” and “me.” Congratulations you’re making more money and that you give credit to “Repblican” government for doing so. I make more money to but it sure isn’t the government that helps me do so. It’s my own effort and work.

    So please spare the bullshit if you want to have a discussion. My comments were regarding the state of affairs in this country and not about you. If YOU invest your money in job creation, that’s wonderful. But if you’re going to tell me how much better things are, please don’t use “me” as your proof. Back it up with substance.


  7. LA Says:


    One more thing, don’t blame Clinton for your past misery. Many of the same crooks and liars that made money then are making money now. Just because you couldn’t do it then isn’t a President’s fault. ; )


  8. Buck Says:

    Dont think about me, me, me.?? Last I herd it was life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That is greedy in its nature. You cant be greedy in Iran, or China, or North Korea Or Syria or orther shit holes like that. In America you can. Thats part of the american dream no matter how distastefull or bitter that is to you. I look at it as though greed is a sign that freedom is alive and well. Its not gonna get you to heaven, but you will be able to manage your money better.

    I have alwayes been able to make money. Sometimes the goverment takes less like now under W. Then sometimes the goverment takes more. Or sometimes the goverment reems the shaft to the hilt like under Clinton. Under Clinton, the goverment played a game of make it take it basketball with your ass.

    When you stop blaming Bush for made up bullshit , I will stop pointing out Clinton’s factual flaws that have done long term hybrid puss damage to the nation.

    Lator Gator!!!

  9. lmz90028 Says:

    Point taken about the state issue. But I guess the state found that federal government revenue pretty useful. Now where did that money come from…

  10. Buck Says:

    I would rather the state had passed on the money and spared me the regulation. Like Texas, the state Im in now!

  11. LA Says:


    No blame here, just facts. But of course, I’m sure you’d vote for Dubya again if he amends the US Constitution. And you probably think he’s the best President the USA’s ever had.

    The facts speak for themselves.

    BTW, I hear you load and clear: you speak volumes about yourself indeed! Cheers!


  12. Buck Says:

    Come back????????