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Arrest, Death Threat, for Farmer with Upside Down Flag

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on July 20th, 2006 1:13 pm by HL

The Progressive As Seen on The Smirking Chimp
Excerpt:Dale Klyn raises beef cows in Corydon, Iowa.
For the past six years, he has been flying an American flag on his property.
But since May 21, that flag has been upside down.
…… he wants to show solidarity for Terri Jones.
She’s the Iowa mom who has been flying her flag upside down after her son returned from the Iraq War and committed suicide. (Klyn had never met her before.)
“When I got the Des Moines Register and read the article about Terri Jones and how her son didn’t get the medical attention he needed, I decided I’m going to support her and oppose what the judge had done and fly my flag upside down,” he says.

H.L.s Take: Any flag, when flown upside down is an international distress signal. I would say that our country is in distress right now. Now if I could only remember the reason…..

the new International distress signal

10 Responses to “Arrest, Death Threat, for Farmer with Upside Down Flag”

  1. Buck Says:

    Hey dude!! Did you know your flag was upside down??

    You know they used to rip off the balls of upside down flag holders in Iraq.

    Whatever throws the cookie into your bubble gum H.L.

    I will continue to fly my 4 FLAGS upright on their flag poles. I have seen and learned of to many hard times with sweat and uncertainty. My grandpa hated to talk of it. Even though it is a right for some one to do it is hurtfull. Burning or upside downing your flag. What are you saying when you do that? Are you mad at your fellow Americans or what??? Even though its your right , why in the hell would you want to do it? It is just gonna make us wave it more.

  2. LA Says:

    Get a clue Buck. It’s only a story. Have you ever heard of the First Amendment? If not, please read it. Just because people don’t conform to your sheep like logic doesn’t make them wrong. Let people be and find something else to do with your time.

    As much as I think you’re an asshole, you can still be one and you’re entitled to your opinion. Just don’t step on my toes! This is the USA, not Israell. Capiche?


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Well aint you just Mr. Sherlock Holms. Have you got the clues for me investigator?? How in the hell have I infringed on anyones First amendment rights around here. If H.l. or Farmer Brown or Ted Kennedy want to hack a loogy and snot on the flag thats their Bizwacks. I mean, as long as the delete button still exsists your kinda fireing across the bow ya know.
    That first amendment right , well I hear ya ! I HEAR YA. !!

    I hear ya to the toon of a bunch of stickers on my flag poles.

    They read: If you value your life as much as I value my flags dont F**K with them.

    Who wants to come lower my flags?? Or, try it I should say. Im taking all comers. Sean?? George, Leonardo?? anybody John Kerry?? Make me happy!!

  4. Anonymous Says:



  5. Buck Says:

    Wake up dude, If I had some cold water and I wuz there Id throw it on you!!

    Ha ha ha ha ha .

  6. Pella farmboy Says:

    This has nothing to do with the flag or Terri Jones and her son. This has everything to do with the particular gentleman wanting the attention he did not get in court over the business he sold.

    He was upset that a judge did not side with him, and he feels he did not get his day in court. He may have gotten the short end of the stick, but that has nothing to do with flying his flag upside down. I lived in Pella Iowa, where this business was located. I have met the man, he has no motives other than the attention this has provided him.

    Glad the ACLU can waste their time and resources on this…

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