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50 Easy Questions for Any Republican

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on July 12th, 2006 10:52 am by HL

50 Easy Questions to Ask Any Republican

Huffington Post
Anyone can ask tough, intricate, confrontational questions. But all that ever does is start an argument, and it gets people nowhere. On the other hand, these are…well, easy. These are friendly questions. These are questions that allow another person to actually explain their thoughts, and explain fully. And to do so in as comfortable, as simple a way as possible.
Without feeling attacked. Without feeling pressure. Without feeling no one cares what they have to say. Friendly. Easy.

1. What are the Top Seven best things that the Bush Administration has done?

2. Is the Iraq War is going well?

3. After three years thus far, when do you think Iraq might be able to “stand up” so that America can “stand down”?

4. For his part in the event, how would you rate the job the President did protecting New Orleans from devastation?

5. How do you think the rebuilding of New Orleans is going?

6. When Dick Cheney and the oil company and energy executives met in private to plan America’s energy policy, how much of their goal was to benefit consumers?

H.L.s Take:
Ok guys, You can answer these questions, and any others on the list here. Lets here from everyone.

39 Responses to “50 Easy Questions for Any Republican”

  1. Buzz Says:

    I guess I would take the time to answer………if I were actually a republican. But I will take the time to answer them anyway.

    1. What are the Top Seven best things that the Bush Administration has done? I am still trying to figure out what any politician has done for anyone but themselves lately. I think a politician lies to get into office and then toes avery fine line to keep there asses elected.

    2. Is the Iraq War is going well? I did not know wars went well at all ever!

    3. After three years thus far, when do you think Iraq might be able to “stand up” so that America can “stand down”? Never the three groups that make up the majority of Iraq will never get along. Well unless it is divided in to three seperate states.

    4. For his part in the event, how would you rate the job the President did protecting New Orleans from devastation? Was not aware that the presidents job was to protect N.O…..thought the majority of that responsibilitiy feel on local and state leaders.

    5. How do you think the rebuilding of New Orleans is going? I am sure that it could be better, I also wonder if it could be worse?? I am now hearing that floods caused by hurricanes are not covered under homeowner insurance. I do hope the government will step in and help get claims settled as quickly as possible.

    6. When Dick Cheney and the oil company and energy executives met in private to plan America’s energy policy, how much of their goal was to benefit consumers? Ok not sure what private meeting you are refering to so no comment.

    There I was as fair and unbiased as I could be. I hope some others try to be as well.

  2. John Says:

    Buzz, EXCELLENT answers, here are mine:

    1. Economy; Country is safer (no terrorist attacks on US soil); Inflation is down; Gas is still cheaper than everywhere else in the world (yes, I know, Prez has little to do with the price of gas); Tax cuts; Abortion is down; Crime is down.

    2. Yes (though Buzz makes an excellent point).

    3. Wonder if France asked that question during the American Revolution.

    4. Did not realize that it was the Pres’ job to protect NO.

    5. No, should be treated like Soddom and Gamorrah (sp). If your house is built on a traintrack that is seldom used, should I be sad for you when a train hits it?

    6. Sorry, I did not attend that meeting.

  3. John Says:

    addendum to #4 – protect from natural disastors that is.

  4. HL Says:


    So since there hasn’t been another 9/11 that means we are safer. How many 9/11s were there before the worst and pretty much only terrorist attacks on U.S. soil in History happened on Bush’s Watch. (yeah the first world trade center attack in which 6 people were killed, and the people who did it were all caught and who are now serving life terms in prison)

    Here’s a story for you to read
    Houston Chronicle Why Abortion is up Under Bush

    Inflation is down you say????

    Take a look at the U.S. Inflation Chart.
    Inflation has been doing nothing but going up since the beginning of 2002

    Answer 3 makes no sense whatsoever so I’ll skip that one.

    4. You didn’t realize that it was the Presidents job to protect New Orleans??? Now let me see
    New Orleans is part of The United States right? Um I think it is the Presidents job to protect all of the U.S. Duhhhh!!!

    If Katrina had happened when Clinton was president more then half of those people would not have died, and N.O. would already be all cleaned up and back to normal. But then again N.O. would not have been flooded when Clinton was President because he would not have taken the money to fix the levees and send it to Iraq, one reason for that would be because there would have been no Iraq, (and no 9/11)

    I’m going to stop here because you make yourself look even worse on the other answers.

  5. Buck Says:

    I live for this!! Here is 50 easy answers for 50 dumb questions!!
    #1.a.(my favorite) Deployed National Missile Defense
    b. lower taxes rates for everone
    c. increased military pay substantialy
    d. subtract Afghanistan as a Al Qaida sanctuary
    e. subtract Iraq as an Al Qaida sanctuary
    f. no more assault weapons ban (my 2nd favorite)
    g. Bigest aids package for the world to date (my least favorite)
    #2. Yes, because Al qaida in Iraq is under attack!
    #3. We should NEVER give up in the war on terror, and we never will!!
    #4 Not goverments job..so…A+
    #5 Bad spot to rebuild city so dont do it!!
    #6. They have SOLD them products and services they were in NEED of ..Ha ha ha
    #7. Yes, and then some!!
    #8. I like whats going on, so why would I want to change?
    #9. It matters not..thats why
    #10. No, my wife would not dig it!
    #11. Yes, its about time
    #12. Yes!
    #13. Yes!
    #14. Neither, Clinton had screwed the puppy already!
    #15. False polling samples and only GOD could hold 90% for ever!
    #16. No!
    #17. Only a communist would want to know!!!
    #18. her legs behind her ears!!
    #19. Yo ma ma
    #20. No
    #21. Not enough heating gloves????
    #22. Yes.
    #23 Probably not as quick as If you shot someone in the face
    then lied under oath about it!
    #24. Yes
    #25. yes
    #26. 1% of the time
    #27. I have shown no such traits!
    #28. Well, the 500 shells of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION
    were in Iraq where they found THEM! So the US military
    moved THEM and its anybodys guess.
    #29. In Tehran, Iran with the prick Ahamadinijad hiding him!
    #30 Fiscally responsable or not its the right THANG to do!!
    #31. I disagree with that premise!!
    #32. a. preserve the 2nd amendment
    b. secure freedom from tyranny
    c. secure freedom from communism (REAGAN)
    d. secure freedom from socialism
    e. missile defense support
    f. lower taxes support
    g. freedom from radical Islam.
    h. fox News Network
    I. Nascar
    J. DALLAS COWBOYS (Americas team)
    #33. It depends.
    #34. No!!!
    #35. Multiple factions like there were to begin with.
    #36. Yes
    #37. I disagree with that conclusion!
    #39. Stay!
    #40. Who the hell is that??
    #41. No
    #42. No and Im glad!
    #43. Well, killing terrorists on a daily basis is not nation building! Thats positive!
    #44. As much time as he wanted to chit chat!
    #45. No.
    #46. If I was real pissed!! Yeah!
    #47. Yes, with more missions to go!
    #48. Yes.
    #49. I doubt they would let me view the caskets of people that I had killed!
    Id be more concerned with the APB. out on ME! HA HA HA HA !!
    #50 . I dont think it matters.!!!

  6. Buzz Says:

    So HL does not think local elected officials have the responsibility to protect there citizens?? I don’t remember the president doing any cordinating of the 9/11 relief. I do remember the mayor and the local officials handling the job. HL how is the president going to evacute NO?? Come on bud get with reality. What are the govoner and mayor getting paid to do??

    HL how many years did it take to plan 9/11?? How many terrorists did Clinton jail?? ummmm 0. Why did Clinton pass on Osama when Sudan offered him on a silver platter twice at that?? If you don’t think Clintons inactivity had anything to do with 9/11 you should stick your head back in the sand.

    If you knew ANYTHING at all about the ethnic make up of Iraq you would know my answer is EXACTLY correct. You don’t so you have any way to rebuke what I have stated.

    And how do you know that more than half those people would not have died?? You assume that and all assuming does is make an ass of u and me.

    HL’s reality is that republicans are all bad and democrats are all good. Trying to get him to admit there are good and bad members of each party is an act of futility. And he talks about republicans being blind followers?? He falls right in lock step with anything a democrat says.

    Be original and go independent……..make up your own mind instead of blindly following EITHER of the two corporations that the democrats and republicans have created.

  7. HL Says:

    Anyone who has read this site for any legnth of time knows that I am hardly 100% pro democrat. I accused both
    Gore, and Kerry of throwing their races, and have said that Democrats and Republicans are in bed together many time.
    Go check some of the old Comics to see what I mean. As of right now the only Democrat I am solidly behind is Russ Feingold. So when you call me a blind follower of the Demcorats, also know not of what you speak.

  8. Buzz Says:

    Yeah your posts clearly show it……lol.

  9. Buzz Says:

    Yeah your posts clearly show it……lol. How bout being mad at Kerry because as a senator, a paid member of YOUR government he did not show up and vote 70% of the time.

    Can you imagine how long you would hold a job if you went to work three days out of the ten you were supposed to?? Probably not long!!! And there are folks on both sides of the aisle in Washington pulling the same stuff. Well and then they vote all in favor for a raise……what a joke.

    Please try aiming more of your outrage at the machine as a whole, pointing the finger at individules makes you seem petty and biased.

  10. lmz90028 Says:

    How are we free from radical Islam Buck.? Since Bushy boy took over and pushed for all those democractic votes over there and smiled and waved at the camera for all the “progress” he helped bring about, the people voted for Hamas and Hezbollah. Now he doesn’t like the results of the elections he advocated. We have not done one thing to lessen radical Islam, we are just fanning the flame.

  11. Buck Says:

    How are we free from radical Islam? By my standards. Old glory still flys over the capital Building. I can still cut the onions on my chees burger. I aint been to church in ten years. I think all religions suck. I think Alah sucks. There aint a mullah than can do crap about it. Its Friday night and Im gonna get stoned like hell then get drunk. Im gonna burn this Iranian Flag I got on my front door steps TONIGHT!. People been wiping their feet on it and its pretty nasty! Then Im gonna make sure my Osama Bin Laden tolet paper is in use.!!

    Oh……and Im firing up the grill right now to cook some …….POKE…..CHOPS.
    Im pretty damed stocked on my 7.62×39 bullets for my 30 rd clips that fit my three SKS assault rifiles!! Am I free from Radical Islam? For damn sure!!! It must mean that I live in a nation where THAT IS SO!!!…..Buck out…..

  12. Buzz Says:

    Man oh man sounds like Buck got going early today. LOL have a blast man!!!

    But not literally

  13. (: Tom :) Says:

    Yayy! We’re free from radical Islamofascists. So the Christian theofascists can take over. Yayy!!! In (our) Dog We Trust!?!?!?!

    Seriously, Buck, the ignorant Repugnican’t Putsch fellator, step away from the kool-aid bowl before it’s too late. You are so seriously in lockstep that you might destabilize entire bridges by yourself. And you are so obviously and demonstrably absolutely incorrect in all of your answers that it makes me wonder if you will ever regain any relationship to reality.

    As for Buzz – I can see and agree with a lot of your viewpoints. I am quite disappointed with Kerry and the rest of the pink tutus, but I think you show your bias when you criticize Rick for not being harder on Kerry, and for Rick focusing more on the person who is one of the root causes of the problems so many face today. It sounds to me as though you don’t want to get personal because there is a clear difference in degree between the mostly corrupt political hacks on both sides of the mostly crappy and mostly corrupt government that the ewe ess has. Which by the way was the best system of government in the history of mankind IMHO until only recently when the Repugnican’ts took over all of the levers of power.

    Then again, many confuse me with a Democrat on an almost daily basis, too…

  14. Buzz Says:


    My only problem with Kerry honestly is that he never did his job. His attendance record for votes is terrible. I just could not see him getting the votes for not being a ” good ” employee.

    Wow was I wrong and so disappointed in all the votes he received. I really did vote for Nader so I would not loose sleep over my choice.

    As for the government I can’t remember when it was for the people buy the people! Both of these political parties are nothing more than billion dollar corporations that now have our country held hostage.

    Welcome to America where you get one choice coke or pepsi, and if you want root beer too f**king bad.

    Geez I am pissed……

  15. (: Tom :) Says:


    thanks for the reply. It is a shame that you helped Drinky McDumbAss stay in power by voting for one of the satellite candidates that the Repugnican’ts subsidized to split the progressive vote. Since the results are all Diebolded anyway these days it doesn’t seem to be too heinous a crime, and there are more than enough other issues to lose sleep over.

    You also have somewhat of a point in that it has rarely ever been for the people by the people. IMHO, the Founding Fathers were the rich elite of their time, and were trying to find a way to utilize the cream of the crop, even if it came from outside of their own little clique. Bring them in to the melting pot, so to speak, and add their advances to the whole. I’m thinking you could look down the corridors of history and find quite a few corpo-weasels pulling the strings.

    But there have been times, like when those rich elitist liberals put together that whole Constitution thing a couple of hundred years ago, when the corpo-weasels of the time had somewhat more enlightened ideas about the value of a worker’s contribution to the corporation he works for.

    Since you drank the root beer last time, you gots to admit that there’s still more than just Coke or Pepsi around. Since they both take about five times their volume in fresh water to produce, and peak water could be just behind peak oil in the grand scheme of human opportunities to resolve, I’m awful glad that more people are starting to like water instead – and trying to make sure that the water is better than it used to be (which is why we started drinking beer and alcohol in the first place) for everyone wherever and whenever they get a chance to drink it. You have a point, in that Coke and Pepsi control all of the marketing channels and conspire to stop the sheeple from even thinking about a different choice. They haven’t gotten to all of the supply channels, producers, and consumers just yet. And these days there’s a bunch of consumers who know it’s all a crock, and want to find a corporation that will be able to give them all of their choices when they want them. And still have a Coke or a Pepsi or a root beer (A&W, Hires, Mug, or IBC?) every now and then.

    Good luck with that.

  16. lmz90028 Says:

    Well I’m so glad 200k people died so Buck so could have a BBQ.

  17. Buck Says:

    What a horrible thing to say. To say that your “glad 200k AMERICAN TROOPS DIED” American troops………AMERICAN TROOPS.

    Well, Im glad 50000 terrorists have died trying to keep me from having one.

    And thats not a sound bite. Buck out…

  18. lmz90028 Says:

    Well, most of the casualties are not American troops, and that was meant to drip with sarcasm.

  19. Anita Says:

    Progressives spend lots of time thinking about nuanced things, so they should
    have no trouble at all answering these easy questions, which are by definition
    simple since they are asked by a Republican:
    1. Name ten charities to which you made cash donations last year.
    2. How much time did you spend last year forwarding e-mails asking people to write to congress to demand funding for social services? How much time last year did you spend doing hands-on work with social services organizations that provide direct service to the disadvantaged (eg, Meals on Wheels, homeless shelters, etc.)?
    3. What amount in taxes did you pay to the federal and state government on account of your household help last year?
    4. Would you let Ted Kennedy attend your daughter’s wedding?
    5. What is the last name of the man who mows your lawn?
    6. Would you keep a Guantanamo detainee in your home if that would hasten the closure of the prison at Guantanamo?
    7. One of the tenets of Islam is that non-believers are inferior. In order to show proper respect to your detainee’s culture and beliefs, would you and your family convert to Islam?
    8. If you and your family would not convert to Islam, would you and your family (a) provide your detainee with separate dishes and eating utensils from those used by your family (b) provide your detainee with his/her own separate bathroom and living areas (c) wear gloves when handling any item that belongs to or is used by your detainee (d) learn Arabic (e) provide all of the items listed in (a) through (d)?
    9. Barbra Streisand makes her movies in Canada, where there are no unions and costs are cheaper. Explain how this helps the American worker in the quest for a “living wage.”
    10. List the reasons why you would or would not invite the Democratic Party to take pictures of your grandmother’s casket for the purpose of producing a fund-raising ad. Would it make any difference in your answer if Howard Dean showed up uninvited with a video camera and started filming the service?
    11. Name the total number of months in which you were personally responsible for meeting a payroll, describe the business(es) in which you were personally responsible for meeting the payroll, and state whether the business is still in operation.
    12. State the total number of years and months you have drawn a paycheck. Of that number, how many were in the employ of a governmental unit, NGO, or organization that was funded by tax money?
    13.Would you allow Ted Kennedy drive the bridesmaids to the church for your daughter’s wedding? Estimate how many bridesmaids would arrive at the church alive if they were so chauffeured.
    14. Your brother-in-law calls you to tell you that as a result of the flood of Birkenstocks manufactured in Indonesia, he has been let go from his job the Florsheim factory. Do you (a) call all your contacts and get him placed in another job which may be somewhat different than what he was used to doing or (b) direct him to a government program where he will receive training in efficient assembly of Florsheim shoes?
    15. The 2000 census reports that between 8 and 11 million illegal aliens resided in the United States, versus 2 million illegal aliens counted by the 1980 census. In 1980, 46.5% of the federal and states’ prison population was black; in 2000, 65% of the prison population is black. Describe in detail how the increase in cheap illegal day labor has positively impacted economic
    opportunity for young men in the African-American community.
    16. You are at a stop light and are rear-ended by a young Hispanic man who has glassy eyes and speaks little English. He also lacks insurance and a valid driver’s license. Should you (a) lock him up (b) impound his car or (c) apologize for taking over “his” continent and let him go because he did not “know” that he needed insurance or a license,due to his inability to read and understand English.
    17. A requirement of naturalized citizenship is the ability to understand, read and write the English language. Explain in detail why ballots should be printed in any language other than English, and describe what you would do to assure that voters are citizens of the United States.
    18. Bilingual education provides (a) opportunity (b) diversity (c) a perpetual serf class.
    19. Without going to Babelfish or a similar service, translate the following sentence:
    ” Me gusta la educacion bilingual porque me gusta que hay mas criadas baratas.”
    20. Nationwide, the cost of educating the children of illegals is estimated to be $7.6 billion per year. Should progressives who sympathize with the Aztlan movement pay a special tax in order to help out with this cost? Why not?
    21. In the 1950’s the average family paid 24.6% of its total income out in local, state, and federal taxes and user fees. In 2006, the total tax burden was 31.6% for the average family, meaning that 32 cents of every dollar earned went to pay taxes at the state, local and federal levels. Over that same period of time, inflation rate was 743.83%, meaning that a dollar is now worth 13 cents. In order to keep up with inflation and the tax burden, more households are two-income households. The top 25% of households yearly income is $50,000 or higher. Explain in detail how a couple consisting of a security guard married to a doctor’s receptionist, each making $25,000 per year, is “rich.”
    32. The children of all the Kennedys, John Kerry, Al Gore, Bill and Hillary Clinton all attended private schools. Explain in detail why the children of Taniqua Jackson and Jose Villalobos should not also attend private schools, and how remaining in public schools will provide the Jackson and Villalobos children the same opportunities enjoyed by the Kennedy, Kerry, Gore and Clinton offspring.
    33. It was discovered after 9/11 that several Islamist “charities” made millions in puts on American corporations. Explain in detail how the New York Times publication of the details of the SWIFT program for tracking the movement of terrorist money abroad will prevent a similar windfall to al Quaeda.
    34. Name six Christian leaders of the past decade who have taken (or ordered the taking of) non-Christians hostage, beheaded non-Christians, or have preached that it is the duty of Chrtistians to kill all non-Christians or force their conversion on pain of death.
    35. In 1994, then-president Bill Clinton (acting through former president Jimmy Carter) negotiated a trade pact/treaty with North Korea whereby food, oil, technology and a nuclear reactor would be provided to North Korea in exchange for North Korea’s promise to use the technology solely for civilian purposes. Explain in detail the “civilian purposes” of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and the long range missiles tested by North Korea in early July of 2006.
    36. The first car bomb exploded in the World Trade Center in 1993. In 1996, terrorists attacked the military complex and Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, wounding hundreds of Americans and killing 19. In 1998, the American embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi were bombed, killing 258 people. In 2000, 17 sailors were killed in the terrorist attack on the USS Cole. All of these attacks were linked to al Quaeda. Osama bin Laden was offered to the Clinton administration for capture by Sudan in 1996, an unidentified Arab country in
    2000. Neither Sandy Berger nor Clinton ever responded to the offers. 2,000 New Yorkers are dead today because bin Laden remained at large. Explain why Clinton did nothing to take Osama bin Laden into custody.
    37. Your daughter’s wedding reception has commenced. Will you allow Ted Kennedy to tend the bar? Explain in detail why you would or would not.
    38. In the mid-1960’s, Daniel Patrick Moynihan warned that the programs in War on Poverty would likely result in the destruction of the black family. All of the War on Poverty programs are in existence today, and the rate of illegimate births in the black community has gone from 23% to 69%. The rate of kids in living poverty in 1965 was 21%. The rate of kids in living poverty in 2006 is 21%. Aside from providing government jobs, and causing progressives to donate less to charity, what has the Great Society/War on Poverty accomplished?
    39. Your mother is in a coma after suffering a stroke. Since her quality of life is obviously not what it was, do you (a) slip some cyanide into her IV tube or (b) simply tie her to the bed, remove the IV, and have her slowly die of thirst and malnutrition?
    40. Former Vice President Al Gore has made a movie which claims that climate change is caused by gas and the burning of fossil fuels. Should he cease traveling in his private jet and his SUV, or should Michael Moore eat fewer nachos?
    41. When was the last time you read the Koran, particularly books 9 and 15? Explain why the Koran is superior to the Bible, and why the public schools’ teaching children to be Muslims does not violate the First Amendment, but having a memorial cross on Mount Soledad does.
    42. We all know that we all should do our share to help lessen the US’s dependence on foreign oil, particularly for electrical generation. Explain why Teddy Kennedy (and a whole lot of other rich progressives)should not have to share the burden by having the view altered by installation of electricity-generating windmills off Martha’s Vineyard.
    43. Progressives have blocked drilling for oil off the US coastline in the Atlantic. The People’s Republic of China has just signed a pact with Cuba, and will be drilling for oil in the Atlantic. Explain how the Chinese will be environmentally responsible in the drilling and transport of the oil, and why it is more desirable that the Chinese have the oil than it is for the US to
    have it.
    44. It has cost upwards of $24 million and three years of investigation into who leaked Valerie Plame’s name to Robert Novak, who found her name in Joseph Wilson’s biography in Who’s Who. Explain why the leaking of Ms. Plame’s name to the press is more heinous than the leaking of the details of the SWIFT program for tracking terrorist funds in foreign accounts to the New York Times.
    45. If you were in a serious acccident and could not speak or move without assistance, would you want Michael Schiavo to be your nurse? What if it were your child who had been in the accident?
    46. During the last great immigration, immigrants debarked at Ellis Island and were uarantined for communicable diseases and general physical fitness. Those who were diseased were sent back to their country of origin. Few of the immigrants could initially speak English. The immigrants who made it past Ellis Island learned English, and most were European. Explain why it is not racist to allow people who have deadly diseases and who refuse to learn English
    to walk across the border and take up permanent residence in the United States.
    47. Explain why Andrea Yates’ drowning of her five children was not a late-term abortion. Would your answer be different if she had simply driven sharp scissors into the bases of the childrens’ skulls?
    48. The wedding guests are now departing. Another Kennedy is in attendance as well, and wishes to escort some of the more fetching guests to their cars. Do you tell Mr. Skakel (a) “not on your life” or (b) “after we lock up the golf clubs” or (c) “why don’t you catch a ride home with Teddy?”
    49. Explain why progressives spend so much time on sexuality and sexual issues, but don’t appear to get any.
    50. Explain whom you would prefer accompany you in a dark alley in a rough part of town and why: (a) Dick Cheney (b) Harry Reid (c) Howard Dean (d) John Kerry

  20. (: Tom :) Says:

    Yet another standard Repugnican’t tactic – instead of answering the questions asked, ask your own questions and then get all WATB when the eeeevul lib-ruls don’t answer!

    Of course we would have no trouble answering them! But, since you have no standing to be asking them in the first place, why don’t you go Cheney yourself until you can provide soe honest answers to the questions we asked? Thanks for trying to change the subject again, you traitorous fellator.

  21. (: Tom :) Says:

    Oops! That last line should be: Thanks for trying to change the subject again, you traitorous Putsch fellator.

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Which is of course more than any Repugnican’t filth can do – they’re not sorry about being traitorous thugs at all!

  22. lmz90028 Says:

    I like #15. Just proof that the repubs like scapegoats in the form of anyone and everyone not just like them. Couldn’t have anything to do with institutional racism, a horribly misguided drug policy, abject poverty, poor education, laws of questionable constitutionality like 3 strikes here in CA. Easier just to throw people in jail rather than get to the root of the problem, which is much harder to do and doesn’t make a good Fox News soundbite.

  23. Anita Says:

    Sadly, the “50 easy questions to ask any Republican” were dreamed up by someone other than Tom or any of the other posters at this site. So much for the “right” of any of the posters here to demand that I answer them.

    The questions for progressives were written by me, and I am curious if anyone who has called me names can answer even one of them.

    Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s criticism of the Great Society programs remain as valid today as in the 1960’s. For those too young to remember, Moynihan was undesecretary of labor in the LBJ administration, and was later ambassador to the UN and Senator from New York. He was a Democrat who did not allow himself to be shouted down by the less-courteous members of his party.

    Slogans are an interesting way to shout down opposing points of view. The kind of discourteous groupthink exhibited here is why I am no longer a Democrat.

  24. (: Tom :) Says:

    So much for the “right” of any of the posters here to demand that I answer them.

    Stick it where the sun doesn’t shine, motherCheneying Repugnican’t whore.

    No one is demanding that you answer the questions asked of you. But (at least on my part – I don’t presume to speak for others like some traitors I could mention whose name starts with ‘an’ and ends with ‘ita’) I am saying that, since you refused to answer the questions asked of conservative Putsch supporters, you have no standing, no business, and no right to expect anyone to answer your questions. So much for the “right” of any of the commenters here to throw the debate off-track by injecting Norquist BlaastFaxx talking points into the discussion. And demanding answers from the rest of the comenters here.

    Glad to see that your lies about being a former Democrat are proven by your supposed repugnance of discourteous Democratic groupthink while embracing the Repugnican’t groupthink (as evidenced by your Kennedy fixation, among other Repugnican’t slogans within your set of “questions”). What’s that word again? Hyp-, hypo-, Repugnican’t! Yeah – that’s the ticket…

    Also glad to see that, even though I am not and never have been a Democrat, you attribute my “sloganeering” to the Democrats. Wouldn’t want to bother that fluffy little melon with any independent thoughts, now would you?

  25. (: Tom :) Says:

    Oh, yeah – and here’s an answer to one of your propaganda efforts:

    9. Barbra Streisand makes her movies in Canada, where there are no unions and costs are cheaper. Explain how this helps the American worker in the quest for a “living wage.”

    Actually, there are many unions in Canada, including one for the actors, called the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association. So no explanation is necessary to answer this question, other than to explain to the studio audience that you are asking a nonsense question which seems to be intended to spread false propagande in these comments, and distract everyone from focusing on the knowledge that conservatives can’t even answer some realtively simple questions.

  26. lmz90028 Says:

    How about for #39-do whatever her wishes were, like Schiavo.
    #13-rather have him drive than Laura Bush!
    #44-the leak of Plame came from an administration that is accountable to the people by way of the constitution. Bush himself said leakers were a serious problem and should be punished.
    #49-just because they don’t want to sleep with YOU doesn’t mean they don’t like doing it!

  27. Anita Says:

    Interesting set of semi-answers from a lot of angry people. Perhaps it is true that making movies in Canada helps American workers. Perhaps it is true that mouthing the current Huffington Post line is will get you invited to more parties and provided with better drugs.

    However, judging by the pinched little spincters around here, it doesn’t look like many people are getting any (and no, I am not interested).

    However, re-read my questions: they are full of inconvenient truths. If you can bring yourself to face them.

  28. HL Says:

    I have no doubt that you are the author of these questions. You must have stayed up all night writing them. Doing a little Tweaking????
    Must be, because these are the disjointed questions of an escaped mental patient. Most of them have absolutely nothing to do with any reality based concepts.

    6. Would you keep a Guantanamo detainee in your home if that would hasten the closure of the prison at Guantanamo?

    What kind of stupid question is this? Do you think we don’t have enough prison space here, to keep them until they are tried, and most of them are acquitted???

    7. One of the tenets of Islam is that non-believers are inferior. In order to show proper respect to your detainee’s culture and beliefs, would you and your family convert to Islam?

    You are retarded aren’t you? So I guess that you think that just because they are Islamic that they can be held forever without trial? I think you are inferior, so are you going to become a Liberal???

    10. List the reasons why you would or would not invite the Democratic Party to take pictures of your grandmother’s casket for the purpose of producing a fund-raising ad. Would it make any difference in your answer if Howard Dean showed up uninvited with a video camera and started filming the service?

    My grandmother would have nothing to do with the Iraq war, You are off your meds aren’t you. But if I had a relative that died in Iraq I would let them film the flag draped casket, to make an anti-war ad. or if it would help get rid of Bush.

    13.Would you allow Ted Kennedy drive the bridesmaids to the church for your daughter’s wedding? Estimate how many bridesmaids would arrive at the church alive if they were so chauffeured.

    Ted Kennedy has been a United States Senator for over 40 years. Under what scenario would he have to become a chaffeur

    (Cue the twilight zone music)

    If anyone on this board isn’t getting any its you.

    Since I’m asking the questions around here, Here are a couple of my reality based questions for you.

    1. How Many U.S. Soldiers Died During Bill Clintons Presidency, How many under Bush?

    2. How Many Americans died in terrorist attacks on U.S. Soil under Clinton? How many under Bush?

    3. What was the highest price of a gallon of gas under Clinton, and for Bush??

    4. How many Americans have lost their health insurance under Bush?

    5. How many Cities were washed away because Bill Clinton because he took money to repair levees and sent it to fight a war that he lied us into?

    6. What was Bill Clintons lowest approval rating? What was Bush’s?

    7. How many elections did Bill Clinton steal? How many did Bush steal?

    I could go on and on with these reality based questions but I’ll let you answer these first.

  29. (: Tom :) Says:

    However, re-read my questions: they are full of inconvenient truths. If you can bring yourself to face them.

    Funny how you just sort of glossed over all of the inconvenient truths that were pointed out to everyone in the original fifty questions, and tried to plant some Repugnican’t spin of your own to try and bring a false comparison to the table. Too bad there’s lots of people like me who see through your kimchee and aren’t afraid to point out how much of hypocritical traitor you are.

    Funny how you whine about people hurting your feelings, after over forty years of constantly worse insults coming at anyone who has not drunk the Reich wing kool-aid. Amazingly, it seems that a lot of fellow Repugnican’ts are finally getting a small taste of the vitriol they have dumped on everybody else, and they don’t like it! Imagine the surprise, to those of us who have had to deal with it all of our lives. Especially those of us who are not enthralled with the only other choice given to us, and think they’re all a bunch of crooks who should be thrown out – but still get lumped in with the Democrats when the Reich wing hate starts flowing.

    Why should we even think about bothering to answer you, when you can’t be bothered to answer the questions that brought about the original post? Why is it you feel entitled to ask questions, when you are too impolite to answer them? And why should anyone treat you with any sort of respect when you support an illegally installed drunken cokeheaded traitor who’s murdering our nation’s children (along with a lot of children in other countries, too) so he can stuff oil money into his greedy friends pockets, and the rest of his traitorous activities?

    Now that you’ve been exposed as a Repugnican’t plant , why should we even bother dealing with your nonsense (other than to point out how much of a plant you are) at all?

  30. Fulmn8 Says:

    Ted Kennedy has been a United States Senator for over 40 years. Under what scenario would he have to become a chaffeur

    UH . . . lechery?

  31. Anita Says:

    Today is the anniversary of Mary Jo Kopchene, who was Teddy Kennedy’s unfortunate passenger, coming home from a party attended only by single women and rich married white male liberals. There was a cover-up (as often is true when a rich liberal commits a crime, which DUI is and was then, as was involuntary manslaughter) You can read all about it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Jo_Kopechne or
    here: http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/JFKkopechne.htm

    And several posters here show that the white patriarchy is alive and well: the privileged bourgeois pig dismisses the opinion of a female who dares to think for herself with name-calling and crude sexual reference.

  32. lmz90028 Says:

    You were the first one to make the crude sexual reference. I am a woman and I have been posting on this site for about a year. The only offensive thing I have seen about women have come from Buck, our resident conservative, who likes to remind us that he tells his wife how to vote.

    I agree, people who break the law should be punished. So yes, Teddy should have been punished. He got off because he’s a Kennedy. By the way, Laura killed her boyfriend in a drunk driving “accident” and got off scott free. So I don’t think your assessment that this is a liberal epidemic is accurate.

  33. HL Says:

    And how many republican scandals have there been in the mean time
    Watergate, Iran Contra, Stolen Elections, Enron, CIA Drug Dealing with Noriega, Duke Cunningham, CIA Leakers, Paul Wellstone, JFK Jr., Not to mention that the Bush Crime Family and their associates took out JFK, RFK, and MLK. The Teddy Kennedy thing was an accident.
    None of these other things were.

  34. (: Tom :) Says:

    I don’t see to many questions about Pickles in your little quiz, Anita – but I sure do see an awful lot of inference about Teddy Kennedy. And no mention of the two drunk driving convictions of Vice Pervert Cheney, and the DUI which BabyDoc Putsch has refused to talk about since before he stole the first federal election in 2000. Funny how you don’t seem too concerned about them…

    I also see a question about the privileges enjoyed by the scions of prominent Democratic politicians, but no mention of the privileges enjoyed by the children of Republican’ts. Funny how you seem to find some sort of equivalence between recent incidents that weren’t even considered worthy of investigation by your fellow Republican’ts (referred to in the original quiz, which you couldn’t be bothered to answer) and unfounded slurs on Democratic politicians based on things which might have happened over fifty years ago.

    I also see an awful lot of veiled references to biblical world views, and inferences that the words in a particular religious book should be considered as logical arguments that cannot be questioned or disagreed with. Which have no place in a reasoned debate that tries to use logic and rationality to discuss the issues brought into question.

    I also see some sort of claim that there was an event only by single women and rich married white male liberals. I’m sure you could provide us with a complete guest list of that event, fifty years later, so that we could verify that your claim is reality-based, right? If not then STFU and keep your paranoid delusions to yourself.

    Maybe you could drop a reference to Senator Byrd and his (long ago disavowed) Klan connections like the rest of your fellow Republican’ts while you’re at it! I hear that goes a long way with your Republican’t brethren.

    Finally for now*, it looks like you distracted yourself during one of your irrational screeds, and thus missed ten out of the fifty questions you thought you were enough of a smart ass to put together. You can read all about it, along with some answers to your feeble attempts at a comeback, over at my blog later today.

    * – and the crowd screams with enjoyment!

  35. Anita Says:

    Tom, you’re sooo easy

  36. (: Tom :) Says:

    And you are sooo busted

  37. (: Tom :) Says:

    Let’s try that again. Damn, I miss having a preview feature!

  38. Buck Says:

    Damn folks! I cant even take a vacation without the crap stacking up. I get home from Galveston and the crap stacker has been working overtime.

    Well first things first! IMZ, sweetheart (Im glad I know your a women now) I hate shades of grey. Now, when have I made bad comments about women? Because I pick up me another vote for for Bush when she ortherwise would not vote? Or what??

    Now for the fun!! Mr. Tom! Red Ink Tom! ….That is you. That is my name for you. I am aware that you enjoy your TAX-A-CRAT-NESS! I am also now aware that “Republicant” and “Pustch” are your only guns. And you bore me Red Ink Tom with swinging some of the words over in italics. I set here unimpressed. I just got back from vacation and Im feeling nice this (USA) kicking ass evening. I will let you slide. Am I not merciful? You can call me Buck the merciful if you like. I got you figured out home-slice!!! Red Ink Tom, would you like to know why I have and do keep you dems figured out??

    Well, because I ……..Republi-CAN!!! hee hee hee….Yeeeeeeehaw!!!!
    If you could only see my evil grin. Buck out!!

  39. Buck Says:

    H.l. or any body who can answer these?

    A. How many times under Bush has America been burned on nuclear deals with North Korea?
    B. How many times under Clinton?
    C. How many times has Bush lost his nuclear button code card?
    E. How many times has Clinton?
    F. How many nuclear weapon secrets from Los Alamos Laboratory did Bush loose to China?
    G. How many did Clinton?
    H. How many times under Bush. Sr. did you have to wait 10 days to buy a gun??
    I. How many times under Clinton?
    J. How many children have been burned up and shot up by the ATF under Bush??
    K. How many under Clinton and Janet Reno??
    L. How many times under Bush have you been told no tax cut unless you go to college.
    m. How many times under Clinton?
    n. How many years did Bush have to do something about Al Qaida before 9/11?
    O. How many years did Clinton have??
    P. How many times has Cheney claimed to invented oil?
    q. What has Gore claimed to invented?
    R. What would happen to you if you lied under oath?
    s. How many time has Bush let a suicide terrorist leader into the white house?
    t. How many times has Clinton?