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Videos: Hannity Slapped Down Again. John Dean on Olbermann. 23% Republicans Blind Followers Who will March over The Cliff in Lockstep

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on July 11th, 2006 10:56 am by HL

9/11 Podcasts:
Professor Kevin Barret from The University of Wisconsin goes on Hannity & Colmes and Says that he believes, no sorry, he knows that 9/11 Was an inside job. Of course Hannity jumps all over him as an extremist. The Professor goes on to tell them that in a poll taken in the area 60% also believe the same, and that it is Fox News who are the extremists. He slaps Hannity Down with facts Great stuff, check it out.

View The Video

Crooks & Liars
John Dean has written a new book in which researchers study the effect of Leaders, and followers. He reports in an interview with Keith Olbermann, that Republcians are much more likely to be non thinking Kool Aid Drinkers who will follow any order no matter how ridiculous. In order for this to happen they have to believe that there is a dark, nasty enemy lurking in the bushes ready to hurt them, they need to have this belief constantly reinforced. Of course there are many enemies for them to hate: Immigrants, Blacks, Other minorities, Liberal’s, Communists etc. Daily Kos also has a story on this called 23% of Us are F**ked”
Very interesting stuff. Check out the video.

John Dean & Keith Olbermann

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