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Apocalypse Iraq

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Pictures on July 10th, 2006 7:45 am by HL

Check out some great Pics, at Pixwit.com Including this one.

Bush, The Horror, The Horror

11 Responses to “Apocalypse Iraq”

  1. Buck Says:

    That is what I want to hear! I am one of the people who put him in the white house. Ask yourselves this folk. Do you think that I have to consider what someone else thinks when casting my vote?? Do you think I have to consider your views that goverment should play a role in peoples lives?? Do you think I have to consider your antiwar tax raising views?? Do you think I have to consider what you think at ALL.????If the answer to any of those is yes then you misunderstand the fabric of America. You inherently think that I owe yall libs something! I understand that this is what yall think. And you think Im uneducated because I dont share your sympathy. Im proud of my vote for Bush. Mostly because of what he stands against. Bush to me is a faceless representer. Thats right folks blame me the #1 Bush supporter. Do you have any wonder to go with that blame?? You know!! Do you WONDER how much I give a F**K??? I have considerd the arguments. False war by lies. Wire tapps. Enron . The whole ball of wax! Most of this everone knew and Bush still won. These CNN polls that show opinion polls down on Bush . Well who really thinks that radom phone bull means any thing ? Wake up people it dosent work like that. No one knows how the country feels until election time. THAT SAYS HOW WE FEEL!!! AS A NATION!!! WE WILL DECIDE ABOUT HOW WE FEEL AGAIN IN 06 AND 08. CNN’S phone fart around how do you F**king feel today is freaking ridiculous. And for those who dont vote because you hate the “machine” . What does your opinion mean to me ??? Not jack Sh*t is what. Stay your asses at the house on election night while I demonstrate my freedom from you. Im not even gonna ask if any of yall disagree because I know yall do…Yall really feel America feels a certain way because CNN says it does?????? Yall are Wack!!! Buck out!!!

    So let the comment scrolls start rolling …..Buck out…….

  2. HL Says:

    Hey Buck, You Republicans are always talking about how the government shouldn’t play a role in peoples lives, how the government should never help anyone in need, whether they are poor, sick, or lost everything they own in a hurricane. Let me ask you this: ISN’T THAT WHAT WE PAY TAXES FOR???? When one third of the money I make goes to the Government, shouln’t I get something for that money. I don’t mind paying it as much if I know that it is going to help people that need it. And as long as I am giving my money to them I expect them to earn that money. If I get sick, I want health insurance. If I lose my stuff in a big earthquake, they should help me out. You see what I am saying. What do you think? if the government stops helping people are they going to give you back that tax money you pay.
    No way dude. Another reason I am agaisnt the war, (on top of all the others) is because they are using my tax money to pay for that war. A war that was based on lies. You want the government out of peoples lives, fine As soon as they stop collecting taxes.

  3. Buzz Says:

    I would like to have a battle of wits with HL. He is unarmed so I won’t.

  4. HL Says:

    Bring it on Holmes. I already busted your ass on that lame ass Rush Limbaugh quote you tried to pass off as your own, in another posting. You better go listen to a few hours of The Hillbilly Heroin addicted, limp dick, that is your hero.

  5. Buzz Says:

    Well I don’t listen to Rush and that was a quote from David Horowitz by the way. But I wouldn’t expect you to read anything from him…….you don’t like his facts.

    As far as the war in Iraq goes it is all about oil money. But not for Bush and his buddies, for the people of Iraq. I know your next comment will be blah blah blah the people are dying and Saddam maintained control yada yada yada.

    The fact is ( I know you don’t like those ) you can’t have a ruler of a country taking 95% of the money the country earns on it’s GDP and spreading it around to 5% of the people. You being such a foolhardy democrat should love the wealth redistribution in Iraq for a larger majority of the people. Or do you think the people don’t deserve it?

  6. HL Says:

    I assume you are talking about Saddam. So for that we should send over our Army and have all those of our own soldier killed. How many other counties in this world do the leaders oppress the people. Most, so why aren’t we going in there and fighting all them as well. Now I suppose you are going to tell me that the people in Iraq are better off now, then they were under Saddam. From what I read that is hardly the case. The people of Iraq want us out of there. So why aren’t we leaving??

  7. Buzz Says:

    Thanks for removing my post. Just goes to show you how biased and sad of an person you are. When someone posts something here that makes sense you delete it. Well unless it is an republican you think you can slam.

  8. HL Says:

    Hey Buzz, you want to argue Politics, thats fine, If you are going to attack me personally with accusations that are ridiculous on my own website, then take it somewhere else. What do you think I’m going to let you slam me, and not respond when you accuse me of taking your comment down because I can’t argue your lame lame points. I see you are yet another in a long line of Republicons that claim to have been in Iraq. You are about the 10th one. Maybe your not lying, maybe you are. So go ahead and tell me what unit you were in, and where you were in Iraq, so I can check it out.

  9. Buzz Says:

    Um ok first I said Kuwait. The personal attack only happened because you attacked me. I am an Independent, sometimes I vote democrat sometimes I vote republican sometimes I vote independent. You seem to have no problem slamming others but delete posts when it is feed back to you in spades. I don’t care really you are not relevant.

    You live in a dream world where only republicans do bad things while only democrats do good. Funny how I don’t see anything regarding the democrat that just got busted on video accepting 100k. Your response would be raid Tom DeLays office. Why would you not say raid all there offices and get all the crooked ones out republican or democrat?

    Just like I said in my previous post you are sitting on the side lines while others are trying to make a difference. Because you don’t agree with it you throw stones. You could throw stones at the government institution as a whole but are very selective in what you put in here.

    The fact is plain to see in your above post. Iraq was better with Saddam running it according to you. You would rather see one man pissing away almost all of his countries resources on palaces and benifits for a certain portion of the population. All this while the majority of the population has nothing.

  10. Buck Says:

    I respect your argument on taxes. I can argue the same point on military spending. We will have to agree to disagree I guess. My safty from your so-called Boogy Man is top dog. Your lack of concern makes it even more of a concern to me. North Korea wants South Korea. Iran wants Israel and the whole middle East. This is NON fiction man. Intercontenental Ballistic Missiles in Iran and North Korea with nukes on top aimed at Los Angelas and Houston is NON FICTION. YOU are scaring me not THEM. Hell dont be scared just know its real. At least that would be practical dont you think????

    On Iraq being better off. So Iraq was better off when Udday and Qusay were making sure that young virgin women were few and far between by force?? You dont really beleive that do you?? And what about those 500 shells of weapons of mass destruction??? Oh thats right those piles of shells. Those deadly shells. Those weapons of mass destruction that you say are not weapons of mass destruction……..Hell, I guess I should expect that in a world where it depends on what the defenition of the word IS…is. I guess it aint so. But then that would depend on what the defenition of the word AINT is…. HA HA HA HA HA .

    Hey man, are you trying to ruin Rush’s sex life with the limp dick comments??? ha ha ha ha ha ha . Everone knows all the hot babes are liberal.. Even me. I made it with a liberal chick back in high school. How did I know what she was?? She kept on telling me ” to the left to the left to the left to the left” HA HA HA HA HA HA …Buck out!!!!

  11. Nihat Mala Says:

    He is worse than Saddam Hussain.

    He managed to turn Iraq into total chaos just in three years.

    And yes Iraq was better with Saddam. He is tried for killing 5000 people, that is rougly 50 days civilian death toll currently.

    I remember 100.000 civilians were already killed in the US led invasion.

    So Bush becomes one of the butchers of history already. Why wait till 2008?
    If you think a few million in Iran, a few million in Korea won’t matter then, go on.