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Videos: Bush: Ken Lay Was A Good Guy, Lieberman Lamont Debates

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on July 7th, 2006 9:39 am by HL

Bush on Ken Lay: He Was A Good Guy

Think Progress
Yesterday, Larry King asked President Bush about his reactions to the death of Ken Lay. While President Bush said he was disappointedhe betrayed the trust of shareholders,; he described Lay as a good guy. Watch it


Video Clips of Entire Lamont Lieberman Debate In Connecticut

Politics TV

Bushy Joe Lieberman and Ned Lamont

Lamont’s Opening Remarks


3 Responses to “Videos: Bush: Ken Lay Was A Good Guy, Lieberman Lamont Debates”

  1. Buck Says:

    I watched the whole enterview. The fellow Texan had it together. Everbody has a friend that is some kind of crook. Nixon, Kennedy, (fat Taft), Bush Sr. Hell…Slick’s associates were nothing BUT CROOKS. If you aint got at least one friend breaking the law you probably dont get around to much. Ken Lay was a good guy who did some bad sh*t. Well…..maybe some xtra-bad sh*t. …Buck out

  2. Ross Moore Says:

    Dear Mr. President or Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State.

    I’m proved of Mr. president administration hard working, figuration for all poetical games this days club of Rome or others taken USA to dark side of world politics even, 90% of super power have Bilderberg degree but I knew they
    have”Mr. president administration” some dignity about flag of USA, and how reconstruct USA for more than super
    power with simple and secret weapons.
    I’m immigrant to USA sines 09/07/1989, and proved of policy All my point is one time happen a Middle East and Iran regim
    and situation of Iraq. USA have best opportunity in his life one unrelated plan even for more power than before “sold out USA”, or to return for higher than before super power policy of USA, in the world game and increase American life from 40 to 500 years with the parallels world policy with life and support, control of middle east . This is the my secret plan, very easy and very simple stapes, make a short unrelated parameter, I’m thinking if USA ” have any idea to stay a politically, economically, with his short life in the middle east never going happen I mean USA need revolution inside and out side, out side revolution I will make happen and immediately cause inside the revolution.
    last 3 years I asked appointment to explain the plan which I can run with secrete way. Please I can’t open my plan in the inter net or in the public. Give me chance to explain all my plan in 10 minuet’s. In conclusion only the one way you can win and trust in the world.
    this plan which can rescue middle east, USA and Israel. please contact 714-402-3838 Ross Moore.Thank you.

  3. Buck Says:

    Is the poster above threatening America or praising America Im not quite sure. Iran. revoloutions, immigratnts, flags and all kinda stuff.

    Hey Ross Moore! Its not cool to give out your phone number on the internet dude. Buck out!!