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        Monday, June 12, 2006

       On my way to Court.

Whats happening, we're going to have an abbrievated posting today because I am about to leave on a road trip to Independence California to fight a speeding ticket.
Independence is about 4 hours from Hollywood, but I'm going up there anyway. Actually the cop has an even further drive to get to the courthouse then I do.
It all started a couple months back when I was on my way from L.A. to Pahrump Nv. where I have relatives. Pahrump is about 50 miles west of Vegas, out in the desert, when you go there from L.A. you get off the I-15 at Baker, and go on an 80 mile deserted 2 lane road making one turn along the way. Half way up that deserted road I got pulled over and go a ticket for going 80 in a 60, (good thing he hadn't have caught me a few minutes earlier when I was going over 100mph, did I mention the road was empty?) When the cop handed me the ticket I asked where Independence was as I have never heard of it, the cop groaned and said, "Its about 5 hours from here", when I got home and looked at a map I saw that he was correct. Actually its not nearly as far away as the crow flies but there is a big undriveable space in the middle: Death Valley.

check out the route.

The red dot is where I got the ticket, the star is the courthouse.

Right after I got the ticket I saw one of those Highway cleanup signs where they put the name of the person who sponsored the cleanup on that stretch of road, and the name on the sign is Tim Huldermann, the same guy who gave me the ticket. Now I'm figuring that he must live right in that little town of Shoshone, and is he really going to drive 5 hours to fight a speeding ticket with me? The fine on the ticket is $300, which I had to post in advance, they offered me traffic school, but thats another $50. So if I drive up there and the cop doesn't show up, I get the 300 back and I'm out the gas money. If the cop does show up I can still go to traffic school and keep the ticket off my record so figuring $50 in gas, I'm risking 50 to save 350, I'll be damned if I'm not going to make that cop drive the 5 hours to get my money, Look at the route we both have to take.

check out the route.

Lt. Blue= H.L.s Route, Purple= Cops Route.

Usually in L.A. the cops don't show up to court even though its only a few miles away. The Hearing is at 2:00, Its 7:30 now, so I will have plenty of time, and I get to take an nice leisurly drive out in the desert, I won't be home until tonight. The outcome in tomorrows edition. Talk to you then.


At 3:56 PM, Anonymous said...

Taking you a speed ride huhhhh??? Yep I like to hall ass to. I wound my 442 out to about 135mph. It scared the sh*t out of me. I got out of a court date in Beamont. I got pulled over for nothing. While he had me pulled over for nothing he wrote a no insurance tickit. I have insurance I just had no CARD in the damn car. I had to fax them the crap! You know H.l. there is alwayes gonna be heavy foot drivers like you and I. Its people like us who will insure there will never be usage of alternative fuels. You and I and Jeff Gordan and countless orthers feel the need for speed. I mean...ha ha ha You cant rightly busta 100mph in them energizer bunny putt putt electric bullsh*t cars can you??? Buck out...

At 6:04 PM, Anonymous said...

You can do it online at Traffic School.

Hope its usefull

At 10:11 PM, H.L. said...

Thanks.. I'll check it out

At 12:15 AM, Anonymous said...

How about an update on your court appearance Mr. H.l.?


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