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Limbaugh detained at Palm Beach airport with Viagara.

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on June 26th, 2006 8:45 pm by HL

Rush The Drug addictWEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Rush Limbaugh was detained for more than three hours Monday at Palm Beach International Airport after authorities said they found a bottle of Viagra in his possession without a prescription.

Customs officials found a prescription bottle labeled as Viagra in his luggage that didn’t have Limbaugh’s name on it, but that of two doctors, said Paul Miller, spokesman for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

4 Responses to “Limbaugh detained at Palm Beach airport with Viagara.”

  1. Reason Says:

    Just another bloodsucker…

  2. fran kaye Says:

    Rush is really getting desperate. He is now scanning the third world country females to see if he can get it on with one of them. American females won’t touch him with a ten-foot pole.

  3. LA Says:

    Limbaugh is a classic pig! It’s amazing to me how so many conservatives look at that guy as their mouthpiece hero. Yet he shows what he truly is. A scumbag. I’m certain he’ll get off yet again and the show continues. I’ve seen too many people spend time in jail for marijuana violations, but he violates Federal drug statutes and nothing happens to him. I guess it pays to be a conservative Republican pig.


  4. Buck Says:

    Lighten up LA ! Rush has to stop in for ziggzags and visine like almost everybody! Quit trying to bring the man down over what kind of high hes getting! Would you plant a sac in a dudes car if you new he was republican? Leave that punk SH*t to the narks.!!!! Buck out!!!