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Video: Cheney, No one anticipated Insurgency Strength

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on June 20th, 2006 9:53 am by HL

Here’s a Dick Cheney Video where he says that No one anticipated Insurgency Strength, but he also says that he still believes the insurgency is in its final throes. So which is it Dick-boy. Typical lying as usual from The Prince of Darkness

Dick Cheney Speaks

3 Responses to “Video: Cheney, No one anticipated Insurgency Strength”

  1. HL Says:

    Anonymous said…
    And so does my ass when I fart.


    1:57 PM

    Anonymous said…
    H.L. that happens to be true. No one expected the strength of the insurgents at the onset of the conflict. As well they are in their final throws. I AM SAYING THAT!!! ARE YOU SAYING I AM WRONG?? Where is the contradiction orther than the one in your head??? Buck out!!!

    3:23 PM

    Anonymous said…
    You are DEAD WRONG! It’s very silly to believe that when the US attacks a country based on lies, and continuous lies to go with it, that the People of any country will not rise up against the invader. History is replete with these situations. Have you ever heard of the American Revolution? Or how about Viet Nam? Do some research!

    If you think that the Iraqi defenders are in “their final throws,” you are going to be very disappointed. No reports coming from Iraq indicate that.


    4:39 PM

    Anonymous said…
    I sorry but that is a crock of you know what! The insurgent movement is such a small percentage of the Iraqi population. Even a dumb ass knows that most Iraqis want their freedom. Im tired of hearing that the war was based on lies! What lies??? No wmds. He used them before on the kurds. Yes H.L. I know Rummy sold him the gas. What difference does it make?? Huhhh?? Do any of you in the land of ozz know that AlQaida was in Iraq before 9/11..(TRAINING) Again WHAT LIES????? So LA…During the American Revolution who were the British liberating us from??? Who were the people of north Veiatnam trying to free???Huuhhhh??? Cant answer that million dollar question can you?? I said the blowhards are IN THEIR LAST THROWS. And If Iran and Syria dont stop dont facilitating they will be in their last throws as well. Before there is any begining throws … Buck out!!!

    7:26 PM

    LMZ90028 said…
    What you are forgetting is that every time there is an Abu Ghraib or Haditha, we create 10 more insurgents for every one we kill.

    And how on earth could this administration not have foreseen the Sunni-Shiite violence? Iraq was a boiling pot ready to blow its lid when Sadaam was in there, then we go in there and threw the lid off in one fell swoop. Any idiot could have predicted this. Well, almost any idiot…

    7:58 AM

    Anonymous said…

    The issue isn’t what percentage of the Iraq population the resistence is, the issue is, whether it was foreseeable that there would be an Iraqi resistence that is pushing the US military to the limits.

    Then you argue that Iraqis want their freedom. Duh! Most rational people want freedom, whether from the US, China, Burma, Nepal, Columbia or Palestine.

    You also argue that Sadam used gas on the Kurds. Again, that issue has been disputed, just like the old “babies thrown out of incubators” canard.

    You also throw in the old “Al Qaeda” in Iraq tactic. Where is the proof? Show me. I’m skeptical about Al Qaeda whereever they may be. There are too many loose connections to western intelligence agencies.

    Now you justify the invasion for the sake of “liberation” of the Iraqi nation. That argument sure appeals to emotion (pseudoreasoning) because everyone wants to be free and most rational people want others to be free.

    Yet another argument that falls flat on its face.

    My analogy of the American Revolution and Viet Nam was to illustrate that the People will resist whenever another nation or state invades their country. Various US Generals warned that the resistence would happen just as it did. Therefore, Cheney’s disingenuous claim that the resistence was not foreseeable is a lie!

    Regarding Syria and Iran, why bother to mention those countries when you barely argue for any rational justification of the invasion of Iraq. You’re way over you head!

    See ya Buck!


    9:59 AM

    Anonymous said…
    And Im telling you that regardless of anticipation or lack there of we are at war with AlQaida and ANY NATION funding them or giving them areas to train. Show you the proof??? By that standard where is the proof of pearl harbor? Where is the proof the ottomon empire was ripping across Europe during WWI? Where is the proof North Korea invaded South Korea? on and on and on and on !!I could go on and on! Regarding Iran and Syria. Pan AM Lockerbie, Scotland. 241 of the cores finest Beruit Lebanon. Countless attacks by their gunboats. Hammass, Hezzbola, AlQaida!! There is plenty of reason to BLOW IRAN INTO THE STRATOSPHERE!. We should give them about 5 seconds to stop all hostility towards the US or Israel…. THEN….and I mean then. Well…ha ha ha that create 10 more figure wont apply because they wont have 10 more to fill in ha ha ha ha They will be smoke too!! Mushroom after mushroom…..Buck out…

    4:16 PM

  2. ANTO Says:


  3. ANTO Says: a white euro roman catholic b4 u ask am i iraqi or muslim.. and i support any mans right to defend his homeland from foriegn invaders. at least saddam kept his people under control and the yanks go in as usual and mess things up. you give extremists a reason to live and fight