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April 7, 2005.
Whats up. I'm back from my travels. Like I said before I had a couple of guys who are family come out from N.Y. They flew into Vegas, and rented Harleys for 10 days. I drove up to Vegas and met them, we hung out the firt day at The Orleans, which is a pretty nice place. Then the next morning we went to a place called
Eagle Riders and picked up the bikes.
The guys followed my back to Hollywood on the bikes, with me in my car. We made the ride in about 6 hours, stopping here and there along the way. Anthony, and Tony, getting a feel for the bikes which they both said were not as good as the Harleys they own.
Crusin up US 1

The next morning we headed up the California coast for Big Sur. We headed North on US 101, it was a beautiful day, as he went up through Ventura, then as the Highway turned inland, the weather began to get much colder. I didn't notice it in the car, but they guys told me a little later it was freezing out there.




Traveling in Gods Country



After a while we stopped so they could put on more sweatshirts, and they bought some gloves. All they had were these funny looking yellow gloves, but they didn't care because we still had at least a hundred miles to go and it was only going to get colder as we headed north along Highway 1




As we made our way back along the coast and up into the mountains that run right alont the water, it began to get dark, and even colder.
Bring a sweater
I had forgotten how cold it gets in Big Sur even in the summer. From there it was 70 miles of trecherous twisting and turning two lane road right along the edge of cliffs the whole way. some of the S turns had guard rails, some didn't We were stuck behind other cars and only doing about 20-30 MPH, you could hear frogs outside the window that were so loud we thought that one had jumped into the car. We stopped at one point along the way and checked out the sunset.
Crusin up US 1

Finally after what seemed like forever we entered the town of Big Sur, and found the place we were staying called the Fernwood Inn.
A rather nice Inn
It was the only place in town that had a rooms on Saturday night. We checked in, and found our way over to the Bar, where they were having a band playing that night. It's the only place in the whole area with entertainment, so the place was packed, after scarfing on some pizza, nachos, and beer, (lots of beer) we checked out the band, and partied with the locals.

The next morning we headed back to Hollywood, it was a little warmer and we stopped along the way to at some places that they had cutouts off the road to check out the views.
Checking out the scenery

Don't fall off that cliff

Nice view

Look out below

There was a place along the way where you could see hundreds of Elephant Seals, out of the water on the sand.
These things were all over the beach

Some of them were a lot fatter

After that we banged out the rest of the of the 311 mile ride back to Hollywood. Anthony, and Tony were beat from all the riding. 900 miles in 3 days. After a day off, we headed back to Vegas. I stayed last night, and drove back this morning. The guys are going to spend the rest of the time touring around Vegas, and back to work for me this morning. Talk to you later H.L.

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