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February 27, 2005.
Its Oscar Day here in Hollywood, and H.L. lives right next door to where they hold the Oscars, right now the whole block is swarming with more Police, on foot, in cars, on motorcycles, on horses, then you would ever want to see. The sky is filled with planes and helicopters circling overhead, one plane was carrying a sign here it is. Thats right Arnie leave town arnold
As long as your here, hang out a while, and check out the site,

A brief message from H.L.: Happy Sunday Morning to you (well afternoon now almost) I'm going to be posting some new stories up here in a little while. As you may know, the goal of this website is not just to bring you the latest, stories, and lots of juvenile political cartoons, and videos; (several of which were posted in the last few days, scroll down) Its also to bring you every possible gimmick, and Website based trick, I can find. Check out the new RSS/XML syndicated News Stories from Antiwar.com. Believe it or not it took me about 12 hours to learn how to do that, and get it the way I wanted it to look, (this stuff is not as easy as it looks, it would be a lot easier if people would EXPLAIN HOW TO USE the stuff they give away in exchange for a linkback.) It also didn't help that I tried using syndicated feeds from The Village Voice, and What Really Happened, neither of which worked, for different reasons. I then went with The New York Times RSS feed, which did work, but they are such whores, I could not stand to see their, "Lead stories from Washington," on my site, so I scrapped that one and am now using AntiWar.com, which is a great site. Should have went with them in the first place. (Buzzflash does not yet offer RSS/XML type syndication)
You probably also noticed the recently added drop down menu, near the top right of the page, (Which I found out from a freind couldn't be seen on Firefox, that is now fixed.) that was another nightmare, I had one up there which took forever to figure out, only to realize that the HTML code was all screwed up in the Validator, so I had to scrap it, and completly come up with a new one, but now its good, and the Validator likes it too. You can use the menu to easily navigate all areas of H.L. So browse around the new features while I get some new material up here today. I think the next thing I am going to do is put a "crawl" across the site in big red letters, that says something like Bush is a Monkey. Ok see you later.

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